Friday, 21 September 2012

Top Talent

I have been working for the same company for almost 16 years.  This company is amazing.  There have been many ups and downs, but at the end of the day, this company cares about me and I care about it.

I am an Implementation Specialist.  I convert/implement clients onto a payroll/HR software program.

A little background...

I started in 1997 as a customer service rep.

I moved up to a higher position with a different product in 1999.

After Middleman was born, I moved to the training department.

Then I moved to inside sales...a brand new department within the company.

I was promoted to Team Leader of the inside sales team.

I then moved up to Implementation Specialist in 2006, which allowed me to work virtually (I work from home 95% of the time).

In February, I applied for a position on the Top Talent Team.  This is a new initiative that basically takes the "cream of the crop" and puts them with mentors, as well as has them working on projects that are to be presented to the executive team, with a goal to rolling the plans out to the entire company.

There are approximately 1,200 employees at this company.

There were 75 applicants for the Top Talent Team. 

Our applications were reviewed and whittled down to 32 candidates.

Those 32 candidates were required to present to the Top Talent Committee.  We did a five minute presentation on a project that we felt should be taken on by the chosen Top Talent Committee.

The 32 were then cut to 16.  I am one of the 16.

After all the years I have invested in this company, I finally feel that my efforts are being noticed.  My voice is being heard.  I am being recognized for my hard work and dedication.  And hell yeah...I am going to sing my own praises!  This was such a huge accomplishment and I am so, SO proud of myself.

Yesterday, I joined the other 15 top performers for a two day conference.  The talent, tenure and wisdom in the room was unbelievable.  I mingled with all of the executives of my company and got my name out there!  I am no longer just a number...I am ME!  I am amazing.  I rock. 

I am so excited about this opportunity.  This opportunity gives me FIRSTHAND EXPOSURE to our top executives!  I no longer have to rely on anyone else passing on the message about my work ethic...I can prove it firsthand to the people that matter.  I am stoked beyond belief.

This is incredible.

It will be A LOT of work over the next six weeks because this appointment is above and beyond my regular job, but I am beside myself with excitement about it.

I am going places people!  I am mooooooovin' on up!!!

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