Saturday, 29 September 2012

Kick 'em when they're UP, kick 'em when they're down...

We love dirty laundry....

Yeah right.

My older boys, being 16 and 13, in my opinion, are old enough to take their folded, clean laundry and put it away NEATLY in their drawers/closets.  Clearly, I am wrong.

Today, the camel's back got broken by that final straw.  I spent the morning cleaning the house and I am still doing laundry with no end in sight.  When I went into Middleman's room to find the missing laundry baskets, I was shocked and dismayed.  I saw TWO laundry baskets full of clean, previously folded clothes.  However, that clean, previously folded clothes was now heaped into two big piles of crumpled clothes.  I lost it.  He's lucky he wasn't home at the time.

Once I composed myself, I had what I consider to be a BRILLIANT idea.  Today would be the last day that I did laundry for him.  When I went into Boy Oneder's room, I saw dirty laundry ALL over the floor and  some previously washed and ironed pants in a crumpled pile in the corner.  He was then added to the naughty list.

When they got home, I told them that today was a very special day.  They were confused.  "What's so special about it?" Middleman asked.

With a super big smile on my face and the voice of an angel, I replied, "Today boys, is the last day I will be doing laundry for you.  Starting tomorrow, you will both be 100% responsible for washing, folding, ironing and putting your own laundry away!"  Boy Oneder's face looked like he just lost his best friend.  Middleman was dumbfounded.  I explained what I had found in their rooms and told them that they had been asked, warned, pleaded with and cried to about how hard it is for me to keep up with a full time job, cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. and that I had reached my limit.  I was past the point of no return.  I was done.

They are to come up with one day a week where each of them will have full access to the washing machine and dryer.  If they miss that day, they will be wearing dirty clothes for a week.  They are free to switch days with each other if necessary, but if they miss a week, they cannot add to Hubster, Threepeat and my laundry on the weekends.  If they leave clothes in the washer or the dryer, said clothes will be placed in the laundry tub and will have to be re-washed and/or dried.  If this is to occur, they will also have to pay us a $10.00 penalty for the wasted hydro and water that will be used by having to wash/dry the same clothes twice.

Needless to say, they are not pleased.

It will KILL me if they choose to wear dirty clothes, but I will not back down on this. They have VERY little to do here (clean their rooms and their bathroom once a week) and they don't even do that.  Now, they will have to man up and get their acts into order or they will be two very stinky boys.

They may be really mad at me today, but their future wives will thank me profusely.  :) Pin It
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