Monday, 3 September 2012

Back to reality...

My vacation, and the kids' summer vacation, officially end now. I am lying here in bed, dreading the hamster wheel I need to climb back into at 7:00 tomorrow morning.

The laundry is all done, ironing complete, house clean and our skin is sunkissed from a glorious weekend spent outdoors. Tomorrow morning, the boys will have to wake WAY too early to get ready for school. No more laying in bed until 10:00 or later for them...the lazy days of summer are over.

No more hanging out with their friends or trips to Wonderland. No more staying out late, nor movies that end after midnight. Tomorrow, reality hits...hard. :(

I will miss their company during the day. I will miss having them around when I need help or just a hug. I will miss them. :(

Threepeat doesn't start SK until Wednesday, but he will continue his routine at daycare tomorrow.

Sigh...I so love summer. Especially summers like we just had...perfect weather. I'm depressed. Looking forward to our cruise in March. :) Pin It

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