Thursday, 2 August 2012

The Kissing Disease

Boy Oneder has "kissing disease" aka mononucleosis.  Well, we THINK so anyway.

We were back at the doctor's office today because he is still in so much pain.  The glands in his neck are swollen like golf balls and his throat is very, very sore.  He can hardly swallow.

Originally, the walk-in clinic doctor told him he had strep throat and bronchitis.  He was prescribed antibiotics, but didn't get better, so we returned to the doctor last week.  The doctor at our family practice told him it was not strep and suspected mono.  He advised Boy Oneder to stop the antibiotics and just ride out the virus.

Yesterday, he was in excrutiating pain, so I made an appointment with our doctor for today.  He confirmed that he thought it was mono, but sent him for a blood test to confirm.  I have to admit that sitting with Boy Oneder in the waiting room of the lab was priceless.  He was TERRIFED of having his blood drawn...he IS his mother's son!  I HATE needles.  Anyway, he was so scared and sweaty and shaky that other people in the waiting room noticed.  Soon, the entire place was mocking him (gently of course) and got him laughing as well.  They all wished him luck as he walked in to the room and those that remained cheered and clapped for him as he came out.  Love it.

I filled his prescription for a mouth rinse which is supposed to numb his throat, so that he can at least eat and sleep.

We will get the results of the test tomorrow (I hope) and then, at least we will have an aswer on this three week illness.

Poor dude.  That's what he gets for sharing straws (because of course, MY sweet innocent boy has never kissed anyone...including his girlfriend of three months!) ;)  {covers her ears and sings, "Lalalalalalalala!"} Pin It

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