Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Sign, sign everywhere a sign...

When Boy Oneder started studying for his G1 Licence a couple of months ago, he brought home that little book that we all studied from way back when G1's were called 365's.  Remember, you would buy the book from Canadian Tire and study all that it had to offer in preparation for your learner's permit?  That coveted day when you got the freedom to climb behind the wheel of your Dad's car and independence was yours?

I got to looking through the book and really, not a lot has changed.  I mean, there are sections now on not texting and driving and stuff, but the basics like Traffic Signs and Safety Signs are the same...universal is good when it comes to learning to drive I guess. 

Now that Boy Oneder has his G1, and we have moved on from the book part of driving, he has moved on to actually driving a vehicle.  He is my baby and although he is 16, he is SO not old enough to be driving a car!  I know, when *I* was 16, I was very ready to drive, but that was ME.  I look at him and see that squirming little newborn and think, 'he is SO not old enough to drive!'  Luckily, he is an excellent and very responsible driver.  He's actually learning to drive the Jeep, which has a standard transmission...pretty good, if you ask me.

I am in the process of looking into driving lessons for him (it will decrease his insurance premiums once he has his G2 and then his G licence).  Talk about EXPENSIVE!!  Once he gets his full licence, the next thing will be that he wants to buy a car.  Once that happens, we will need Parking Signs for our driveway!!! Pin It

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