Sunday, 5 August 2012

My Fourth Boy and Threepeat

We met our little Dudley yesterday.  If it was even possible, he was cuter in person than in the photos.  Threepeat LOVED him and Hubster fell in love almost immediately:

We can't wait to bring him home in September!

In other exciting news, Threepeat lost his first tooth last night!  As with everything Threepeat does, it was WAY earlier than the older boys.  Boy Oneder and Middleman were well into grade one before they lost their first tooth and here's Threepeat, barely 5!!

The Tooth Fairy took his tooth and left $5.25, all in change.  Being five years old, he thinks he is RICH now!  If we had given him a $5.00 bill, he would not be as rich as he is with all his coins!  He even told his brothers that if they needed to borrow money, he was their guy "Cuz I'm LOADED!"  LOL!  Oh that Threepeat!

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