Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Well, at least he's feeling better

Threepeat stayed home from camp today.  He was still a little warm this morning (99.7 degrees) and had only had three doses of antibiotics, so I kept him home.  He will MOST DEFINITELY be going back tomorrow.

He has been a DISASTER all day.  "I'm bored!" "What can I do?" "Can you play with me?" "I want milk" "Can I have water" "My throat hurts" "I don't like the Jello you made"


But his driving me bonkers makes it clear that he is on the mend and that the antibiotics and rest and fluids are kicking strep throat's butt.

Hubster spiked a fever last night too...he has been suffering with a horrendous cough and cold for two weeks and last night, had a terrible headache and pain in his face.  I told him to get his butt to a walk-in first thing this morning.  Sure enough, Dr. Dawn was correct...nasal spray and antibiotics for him.

Now, I pray that the rest of us stay healthy.  Summer sicknesses just plain suck. Pin It

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