Monday, 2 July 2012

Stranded at the drive-in....

"Stranded at the drive in, branded a fool, what will they say Monday at school?"

Hubster and I took the boys to a drive-in movie last night...well more than one movie...more like three.  This drive-in is one of only two (that I know of) left 'round these parts.  Hubster and I spent many a night at the drive-in when we were dating, but our kids don't have that option anymore with so few of them around, so when my Manager told me about this place, we were on it like white on rice!

When I checked out their website, it said that although the first movie starts at approximately 9:30, they recommend that you come very early as the line ups are long.  It recommended arriving at 6:30.  THREE HOURS EARLY!!  We ended up arriving at about 7:15 and there was not one other car in line...BONUS!  We paid our admissions (dirt cheap at $13 for Boy Oneder, Hubster and I and $2.00 for Middleman who went back in time one day and became 12 years old again and Threepeat was free!)  Because it was a long weekend, there was a bonus third movie on each of the three screens, so we really scored!

We met a couple of really nice families, who talked our ears off, but were just so friendly.  The 2 plus hours before the movie started flew by.  We set up "camp" and the boys played soccer just like my sister and I did while we waited for movies to start when we were kids.  Here's what our awesome seats looked like:

We took a trip to the snack bar, which my boys innocently called the "restaurant".  LOL...they had no clue that when we walked in, there would be moths, flies, spider webs and years old hot dogs (which taste DELICIOUS by the way).  Boy Oneder, being the princess that he is, was DISGUSTED. LOL!  Middleman asked us what movie we last saw at the drive-in and Hubster and I giggled at each other, thinking the same thing, 'I don't think we've ever WATCHED a movie at the drive-in!"  Of course, the kids had no clue what we were talking about, but we had a good laugh.

We set up in front of screen three, where Madagascar 3, Men in Black 3 and The Dictator were playing.  The older boys and Hubster moved their redneck chairs over to screen 2, where Ted was the first movie.  They brought a boom box so they didn't need a car for the sound and set themselves up with three large bags of chips and 8 cans of Coke...yes, EIGHT.  

Threepeat and I settled into our seats in the trunk of the van and covered up with a blanket, not for the cold, because it was a beautiful night, but because of the unbelievable mosquitos.  It was BRUTAL.  We all look like we have the chicken pox this afternoon...yes, they were THAT bad.  But we refused to let them damper our night at the movies and Threepeat and I LOVED Madagascar 3.  The olders and Hubster said that Ted was the stupidest movie ever and they couldn't wait for it to be over.

They joined us for the second movie, which started at 11:45...Men in Black 3.  I personally thought it was dumb, but then again, I don't like any of the MIB movies.  The boys liked it.  Threepeat made it through about half of the movie before finally falling asleep at around 1:00.

We thought about staying for the third movie, The Dictator, but the bugs were SO bad that we just had to get out of there.  :(

We packed up and got Threepeat into his booster and Hubster got into the driver's seat while I walked our garbage over to the "restaurant" (LOL) garbage can.  I got back and the headlights were still not on and the van was not running.  Crap.  Dead battery.  We walked back over to the restaurant and got one of the staff to help us with his handy dandy power pack.  Princess Boy Oneder is freaking out in the backseat envisioning us dying a slow and painful death in a drive-in parking lot.  Threepeat was snoring away and Middleman kept telling Boy Oneder to shut up (as were his father and I - he was REALLY annoying).  We tried FIVE times to get the van going, but it just wouldn't kick in.  Off went Mr. Staffman to get another power pack.  This time, she started on the first turn of the key.  Boy Oneder breathed a HUGE sigh of relief and we were off...with the engine malfunction light lit all the way.  It's still on today, so I guess we'll be taking her in for a check up tomorrow.  Sigh.

We arrived home just after 2:00 am, tired, bitten, but happy (except for Boy Oneder, who I'm going to bet will never see the likes of a drive-in movie theatre again.  LOL!  He really is a city boy!! 

The rest of us have already promised that we will go again at least one more time this summer. But this time, we will have ALOT of bug repellent, perhaps even a mesh tent and no Boy Oneder to complain all night!  

If you have a drive-in in your vicinity, you HAVE to take the kids...what a great night!!

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