Sunday, 29 July 2012

Four Days Off

And POOF!  It's over.

I took two personal days on Thursday and Friday to try to catch up with some housework.  I did catch up and felt very productive, but there is a long way to go.

I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the grout on our tiled floor.  Oh my gosh do we have a lot of tiled floor!  It took forever, but I got about halfway done.  The rest will have to wait because my arms were about to fall off!

We put up Middleman and Threepeat's bunkbeds again...we had them up for a couple of months when we bought them a few years ago and then took them down because the ceiling fan was too dangerous.  Because they needed the space BADLY, we decided to put them back up...but...we lost the pegs to hold the two beds together.  Oh my goodness....I went EVERYWHERE looking for a new set, but no one carries them.  So, I ended up buying a 3 foot long metal rod and poor Hubster had to hacksaw that sucker into 4 - 4 inch pegs.  He was exhausted afterwards, but he got them done and so last night, Threepeat slept on the top bunk for the first time.  He was SUPER excited!!  We need to move their dressers to their new spots, which we will probably do tonight and then we have to paint (their room still has builder's white walls...yes, we have lived her for almost 11 years) BLUSH.

This afternoon, Mum and I took Threepeat to Springridge Farm while Hubster, Boy Oneder and Middleman delivered and picked up bouncers.  What FUN!  Here he is getting "eaten" by the corn maze witch:

Threepeat played in the hay bales, went through two corn mazes and slid down some awesome ridged slides that made his voice shudder as he yelled all the way down!  We petted some animals and took lots of photos. It was a blast!  If you are ever near Milton, Ontario, I highly recommend this place.  I got some mango curry dip powder and made some as soon as I got home, so it's "mellowing" in the fridge right now for later.  I also got some fresh corn on the cob, which we will enjoy with our teriyaki steaks that I bought at M & M Meats yesterday.  Add some asparagus and baked potatoes and Bob's Yer Uncle!

I have a nice quiet work week coming up (I hope I didn't jinx myself) so maybe I can get some admin catch up done.

I hope you all had a nice weekend!  Happy Sunday! Pin It

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