Sunday, 24 June 2012

We fought the good fight...

In case you just came out from under a rock, England lost to Italy tonight in penalty kicks.  It sucks.  England played well, but in the end Italy prevailed.  Auguri Italy.

I am also losing in Mama M's Mr. Wonderfulest contest.  I could push some more to get more votes, but I am spent.  I just don't have the oomph anymore.  I gave it my best shot.  I will be donating $100.00 to the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation in my Dad's memory regardless of the fact that I lost.  I just wish it could have been doubled.  Ev.  Congratulations to Love & Bugs.  

I had a great weekend with my beautiful nieces.  I really feel so close to them now and wish my sister were here to see how stunning these girls have become.  I look forward to many more overnights with them.  They are my angels.  I have lots of photos to share, but need to find some time to upload them.  This week, I promise.

I hope you all had a super weekend.  Sad that tomorrow is Monday already. :( 
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