Thursday, 14 June 2012


Having a five year old with 16 and 13 year old brothers can prove to be hazardous.  Threepeat knows things that no 5 year old should know.  He says things that are completely inappropriate.  He knows the words to songs that most TEN year olds don't know.  My Threepeat, he is a character.

I thought I'd share a few of our Threepeatisms with you...please don't judge...we are NOT white trash.

The neighbour asked him if he wanted to go for a bike ride yesterday:

"Sure, but we can't go to the school yard...there are kids there smoking weed." - he has NO idea what "weed" is, but has obviously heard his older brothers mentioning the fact that kids smoke up in the school yard.

"Look at me...I'm LOOOOOW RIDIN'" - When the neighbour (the wife of the neighbour mentioned above) asked what low riding was, he responded, "When you wear your pants low so that your underwear shows."

In the wintertime, we walked out the door into the cold.  Threepeat says, "OMGOSH...I'm gonna freeze my balls off!"  I scolded him, telling him not to use that word.  He responds, "I'm gonna freeze my nuts off!"  Again, I scold him and say not to speak that way.  He thinks for a minute and says, "I'm gonna freeze my TESTICLES off!" - how could I reprimand that?  He WAS being anatomically correct! (rolls eyes)

Last weekend, we went to Collingwood for a soccer tournament.  ALL weekend, he asked, "Are we still in Collywood?"  No matter how many times we corrected him, he could not get that it was not COLLYWOOD.

He made a Father's Day craft at school, which he brought home today. I told him we needed to hide it until Sunday and he agreed not to tell Hubster about it.  The SECOND Hubster walked in the door from work... "Dad...I want to show you what I made you for Father's Day"  Hubster said he wanted to wait until Sunday. Threepeat replied, "It's ok.  I made you a tie and decorated can look at it and then we will wrap it back up!"

He was riding his scooter down the driveway when he tooted.  The neighbour (the daughter of the couple I mentioned above - OMGOSH how are they still our friends?) asked him if he tooted.  "Yes I did it on makes me go faster on my scooter."

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