Friday, 8 June 2012

Nickel and Diming

This morning, on our way to school, Threepeat found a dime.  He was so excited and exclaimed, "Look Mom!  I found a quarter!" 

I explained that what he found was actually called a dime and told him it was 10 cents.  A quarter is 25 cents.

He was very proud of his find and asked if he could take it into his classroom to show his friends.  Of course, I approved and he held his hand out, showing each and every child in the room.  He told them that he had found a "die".  One little brat boy ccorrected him saying, "It's a DIME.  Not a DIE.  A die is a DICE!"  LOL

Anyway, after kissing him good-bye, I got back in my van and started to think.  Yeah, that's the burning rubber smell you smelled this morning! HA  Anyway, I thought about how little a dime is worth today.  You can't buy ANYTHING for a dime these days...can you think of one thing that costs 10 cents?  Not me.

When I was little, growing up in the 70's (late seventies thank you very much), a dime was a fortune!  We could buy SO many things using that little silver coin:
  • Surprise bags...the little ones.  The big ones were a quarter
  • A pack of five gumballs...the little ones...were only 5 cents could get TWO packs for a dime!  The bigger ones were 25 cents
  • Potato chips...that was a little earlier in the 70's, before they went up to 25 cents
  • Bazooka bubble gum was only 2 cents a could get FIVE pieces for a dime!
  • Phone calls on a payphone were ten cents
  • You could mail a letter for 10 cents
I'm sure there are many more things that a dime would have bought you back then.  It's kind of sad to think that a dime, in and of itself, is pretty much useless these days.  Unless you're five years old...then, that dime is a GREAT find! ;)

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Wendy S said...

For now, you can get two plastic bags at the grocery store for 10 cents.

(Until the "plastic bag ban" comes into affect least in Toronto)

Lindsay H. said...

When my Grandma died last month, part of the eulogy was about selling hamburger meals for 25 cents at their drive-in. I can't even imagine! It's fascinating (and sad) to think about how much money EVERYTHING costs these days...

My Three Sons said... are CORRECT! LOL I forgot about those plastic bags!

@lindsay...sorry to hear about your Grandma :(

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