Monday, 4 June 2012

Thank you to our military

With the recent observation of Memorial Day, 2012, I have been thinking alot about the men and women who are brave enough to put themselves in the line of danger for us.  Our military protects us, serves their country and each and every one of them risks their lives every day for our safety.  Sadly, in my opinion, members of the military are not given the respect and special treatment they deserve.

That's why I was so glad to come across what veterans need.  A special website, just for active duty military personnel and non-active duty military veterans.  This website offers loans and mortgages to the US military vets at very low interest rates, allowing military past and present to receive loan assistance from the VA.  Something just for them...something they deserve!  Interested? Check out
If you feel it in your heart, visit this website to give your thanks.

Thank you to all of those brave men and women who are actively serving, have served in the past, plan to serve in the future and to those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to keep us safe. Pin It

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