Thursday, 21 June 2012

LLLet's get ready to RUMBLE!!!!!

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This Sunday promises to be loud, fun, maybe a little nasty and VERY celebratory for some. This is the day that my family has been waiting for since I met Hubster 24 years ago! England is finally up against Italy in the Eurocup.


 I was born in England. My heart stayed there in 1974 when my parents brought my sister and I to Canada to start a new life. Hubster’s family hails from Italy and although Hubster himself was born here in Canada, his roots run deep back to Italy and he was raised in a very Italian home. Needless to say, Hubster will be cheering for Italy, while I will be cheering (louder) for England!


 Our boys are a bit torn. Boy Oneder is cheering for Italy because we live in a predominately Italian ‘hood and his friends all come from Italian backgrounds, so he has to be on that bandwagon (loser). Middleman was on the fence until a couple of days ago, when we watched England beat Ukraine while he was at physiotherapy. He watched them kick butt and came over to the winning side. He will stand by his Mummy and cheer on the Brit boys. Threepeat advised that he was on the Italian side until I told him that I’d take him to the park that night if he would cheer for England. He switched teams in the blink of an eye. I may or may not have told him that if he cheered for England and they won, he would get a treat from Toys R’ Us...I’ll never tell.

 We have a huge screen in the basement with a projector and we have lots of peeps coming over to watch the awesomeness unfold. I think some are coming to keep the war from getting out of hand too! ;0 A few of the neighbs, one of which bet me $50.00 that Italy was going to win... pfft...silly man...that will be the easiest $50.00 I EVER make! I have lots of snacks planned and of course the alcohol will be flowing freely. I need to go out tonight to get my England flag for both my van and for the house. I promise to take lots of photos and may do a play by play on twitter.


 This is gonna be sooooo GOOOOOOD! And in the end, when the finals are done, the Eurocup will go home where it belongs....ENGLAND!!!!
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