Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Last day of JK...

Where DOES the time go?

As of 3:00 this afternoon, Threepeat will have officially completed his first year of school.  Junior Kindergarten flew by!  He enjoyed it and met lots of new friends. 

Because he was in all-day, every other day, he is done today because Friday is a P.A. Day.  He will continue at his daycare this Thursday and Friday and then next week, after the long weekend, he starts "camp" at the daycare from Tuesday to Friday.  Grandma is taking care on him on Mondays for the summer.

Boy Oneder finished grade ten on Monday when he wrote his last exam.  He turns 16 tomorrow....SIXTEEN PEOPLE!!!!  He has already arranged a ride to the drivers examination centre with his father to get his G1.  OMG.   He is taking a grade 11 course in summer school and, once he passes, will be three credits ahead of most other grade 11 students.  He has taken a course each summer and has done very well.  I am extremely proud of him.

Middleman finishes grade 7 tomorrow.  Next year will be his last year at this school before he moves on to high school.  I simply cannot stand how fast time is going.  :(  He turns 13 this Friday.  Yes, he will be a teenager.  OMG.  I can't wait to see Middleman's report card.  He is awesome and always brings home good marks.

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Wendy S said...

That's a lot of milestones this week!

Congrats to you and your boys!

Kate said...

He is so cute!

Um... Wasn't he just a baby yesterday...?

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