Friday, 1 June 2012

Groin groans.

Middleman and I spent a couple of hours at the soccer club's sports injury and rehabilitation clinic yesterday.

For the past couple of weeks, he has been complaining of groin pain at his soccer games, but this weekend, during the third game of his tournament, he was not himself.  He was limping between sprints.  We iced it and he rested it, but Tuesday's game proved that this was more than just a fatigued muscle.  He was limping for most of the first half and everyone could see he was clearly hurting, but when he asked to be taken off, we knew it had to be bad.

His coach gave us the name of the doctor at the club clinic and he got us in right away.  After an examination and an ultrasound, they confirmed that he has a torn muscle.  Luckily, not torn from the bone, as this is apparently a very common injury in 13 year olds.  But it is a tear all the same and that means no soccer for a minimum of three weeks.  He must go to the clinic three times a week for rehabilitation and then have a follow up ultrasound to see if he is healed.  Groins are apparently a bugger to heal too.  :(

Needless to say, Middleman is DEVASTATED.  This kid LIVES for soccer, so taking three weeks off is a real blow.  He made the school soccer team too and will have to sit out.  My heart just breaks for him.

We had a long talk and I told him how much worse it could be...he could be out for an entire season, or God forbid, forever.  I explained that if he rested and did all the rehab and stretches that they are going to have him do, that he will heal quickly and be able to play again.  But, to a 13 year old boy who loves soccer, three weeks is a lifetime.  :(

Ah the perils of being an active, athletic kid.  Get better soon Middleman!  <3 Pin It

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