Sunday, 6 May 2012

A very eventful week is upon us.

Early tomorrow morning, my Middleman will be heading out on a three day school trip to Ottawa.  I am so excited for him and, being that he is the second child to do an overnight trip, I am not really worried or sad as I was with Boy Oneder's.  Remember though, that Boy Oneder's was filled with drama!  I am praying that Middleman stays healthy.  He has been complaining of a sore throat for a few days, but no fever and Advil seems to be keeping it under control.  We have ironing and packing to do tonight after his soccer game....gonna be a late night.

Threepeat is being referred to an ENT (ear, nose throat specialist for you non-parents out there! LOL)  He snores like an old smoker and it has been getting worse lately.  Our awesome Dr. L sent him for an x-ray of his head/neck last week and the results are exactly what Dr. Dawn said they would be...enlarged adenoids.  He will see the specialist, who will then tell me what I already know....that it is recommended that the adenoids be removed.  Sigh.  Surgery for my precious boy.

Rosie is having emergency surgery tomorrow morning.  :(  She has, on top of her liver issues, a corneal ulcer.  We have been treating it for a week with antibiotic eye drops as well as anti-inflammatory pain eye drops, but after a visit Friday evening, the vet advised that the ulcer is WORSE, not better.  :(((  She gave us a veterinary estimate of $248.00.  She will be sedated and her eyeball scratched with a needle in a checkerboard fashion, which apparently stimulates healing.  She will then have a contact lens placed in her eye and then, ugh, have a portion of he eye sewn shut so that the contact lens does not fall out.  The stitches will remain in place for two weeks and then, once the stitches are removed, the contact lens *should* fall out on its own.  If not, the vet will have to remove it.  Oh my gosh.  I am so scared for my little Ro-Ro.  She is 11 years old.  I can't imagine life without this little sweetheart, but I can't keep putting money into procedures and operations.  Remember last year's tooth fiasco?  Ugh.  Anyway, if you're the praying kind, please say a little prayer for a little doggy who means the world to us?  If this surgery doesn't work, the next step is euthanasia.  I simply can't fathom that thought.

Threepeat had a dental appointment this afternoon to fill two cavities that we found at last week's cleaning appointment.  It was a disaster.  They were able to half-assedly fill the one in the front tooth, but the back once had to wait.  He had a FULL BLOWN PANIC ATTACK.  Today was the first time he had felt the effects of novocaine.  That horrible, numb, tingly, freaky feeling.  I hate it...why shouldn't he?  Anyway, he was ok, but he had some pain when they started to drill, so the dentist decided to freeze him.  Ugh.  That poor little man cried, was shaking, had was horrible.  They finished as fast as they could and I truly think it was a quick job, but it was done.  They were smart enough not to even attempt the second cavity.  We made an appointment for a couple of weeks from now for that one and the dentist told me to "request nitro".  LOL.  I've never had nitro, but have heard wonderful things.  I wonder if they will let me sit in the chair next to him with my own mask filled with nitro?  Yeah, didn't think so. :(


Anyway, that is what the Boy oh Boy oh Boy gang has in store.  That which doesn't kill us will make us stronger right?  RIGHT? Pin It

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veronicalynne said...

Aw sounds like you are going to really have an "exciting" week. My oldest is only 7 and I imagine how I will be when the day comes when she goes on a trip like that. I am so sorry about Rosie :( I will be praying for her. Poor little guy. I think Yasmeen had the beginnings of cavites but thankfully her teeth fell out before it became a problem. It never rains but it pours....hugs xx You know where I am and my number now :)

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