Thursday, 10 May 2012

True Story

We have a betta fish, otherwise known as a Siamese Fighting Fish named Sashimi.  We call him a betta because we like to think that he's a lover, not a fighter.  He's very pretty and he lives a life of luxury in a tank that used to house goldfish.  Normally, beta fish are stuck in little tiny bowls, but not Sashimi!  He is in a nice big luxury condo with huge picture windows. 

Sashimi has a friend named Gary.  Gary is a snail and he does a pretty good job of keeping the tank clean, along with the filter.  But lately, Gary has been slacking and the tank had alot of algae built up on the sides.  It was pretty disgusting.

Last weekend, Threepeat and I went to Big Al's with the intention of getting another snail to help Gary with the housekeeping.  Well, we ended up walking out with not one, but TWO zebra snails as well as two algae-eating shrimp.  As soon as I saw these little guys, I instantly thought about the shrimp in the movie, A Shark Tale.  You know, the little guy with the high pitched voice that tells a "true story" in order to avoid being eaten by Lenny?  I just had to have them.

So, we brought them home and introduced them to Sashimi and Gary.  Threepeat named the two snails Snelly and Jelly and the two shrimp Teeny and Tiny.  Everyone seemed to be getting along nicely and within a day or two, the tank is lovely and clean.

Now, Teeny and Tiny are exactly that...teeny, tiny...and they like to hide under the plastic branches of the plants in the tank.  Here's a couple of photos of Teeny:

Now here's my true story....Tiny is gone.  G.O.N.E.  We have searched the tank over and over again, watching, waiting, hoping....but he has completely disappeared.  I took apart the filter this morning, thinking maybe he met with disaster and was sucked up into the depths of filter hell, but nope.  He is very little, but I am sure he is too big to have been eaten by Teeny or Sashimi, and as far as I know, snails do not eat shrimp.  So, what the heck?  I even checked all around the outside of the tank, thinking maybe he committed suicide and jumped out of the tank, but he's not outside either!

So, where on earth (or in water) is Tiny the shrimp???


Teeny disappeared.  At this point, I knew there was NO way that Sashimi could have eaten him without leaving evidence behind.  I decided to take apart the entire filter, searching very carefully.  Low and behold, there was Teeny, lying there completely still.  I was sure he was toast.  BUT...when I gently nudged him with a pencil, he jumped away and into the water.  YAY!  I lifted the carbon filter away and looked on the bottom, hoping that maybe by chance, little Tiny was there...and....HE WAS!!!  But, was he dead?  I nudged him gently, as I did Teeny and that little guy jumped up just like Teeny and swam into the tank!  YAY! 

So, I guess it stands to reason that "algae eating shrimp" would spend their time where the most algae would be the filter!!!  GO FIGURE!  So, all is well in the fishy world again tonight! LOL!
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Trisha Jones said...

Just a tip, and you may already be aware of this, having more than one snail means they can lay eggs. My husband and I made this mistake in one of our tanks and before we knew it, our tank was overrun with snails. Maybe the betta will eat the eggs though. Not sure on that. Just keep your eye out unless your goal is to have dozens of snails in your tank. ;)

My Three Sons said...

Oh dear! Thank you Trisha! Yikes....I certainly don't want a tank full of SNAILS!! LOL

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