Thursday, 17 May 2012

R.I.P. Donna Summer.

So sad.  The Queen of Disco is dead.  :(

I know that when **I* die, no one outside of my circle of friends will care, and just because Donna Summer was a celebrity doesn't mean she should be more important than me, but...if she weren't a celebrity, I wouldn't know her.  Her music has touched so included.

There are SO many songs that bring back memories...I Feel Love - while I roller-skated at Rollerworld; She Works Hard For The Money - while I worked at Taco Bell as a teenager; Last Dance....OMG the memories; Love to Love You Baby...I loved it, but I was 6 years old....SIX!!!!  Two of her songs that resonate with me...McArthur Park and This Time I Know It's For Real...McArthur Park because my Daddy loved it and This Time because it was #1 the year I met Hubster.  When I play either of these songs, I am transported back to better times.

Thank you Donna Summer for the memories and for your talent.  63 is too young.  Please say "Hi" to my Dad, who thought you rocked.  :)

Rest in peace Queen of Disco. Pin It

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