Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Oh what a weekend!

The weather was 100% perfect!  Hot, hot, hot and SUNNY!!!  Absolutely amazing.  We all got a little sunkissed and were very productive, all while having fun together!

Friday afternoon began with picking up our new patio set.  The boys set it up for me in time for dinner.  I love it.  We used it to eat dinner on Friday AND Saturday AND Sunday nights! HA!  After dinner on Friday, Boy Oneder went to the movies with his friends while Middleman went to Canada's Wonderland with his friends.  Threepeat, Hubster and I spent some time together at the park, in the hot tub and watching TV.  We took him to Menchie's.  OMG, SO amazing!

Saturday morning began with bouncers being delivered by Hubster and Boy Oneder while Threepeat and I dropped off Middleman at his soccer practice.  Threepeat and I then went grocery shopping and then back to pick up Middleman at 12:00.

After the bouncer deliveries, we all worked on the backyard...weeding, planting, cutting, trimming, cleaning.  Gosh, gardening is hard work!!  We had a great spidducci and steak dinner on our new patio, all the while sweating our buns off (it was REALLY hot this weekend).  Boy Oneder and I were absolutely wiped out and went to bed early, while Hubster, Middleman and Threepeat stayed up really late to watch Terminator on the big screen.

Sunday morning began with Boy Oneder and Hubster picking up the bouncers from the day before and then more garden work.  Boy Oneder went off to Canada's Wonderland in the later afternoon, to watch the fireworks later that evening and Middleman went to his friend's house to watch fireworks in the 'hood.  Threepeat, Hubster and I went to the park and then, after a shower for the dirty little man, settled down to watch Despicable Me (Threepeat and I have seen it 3,721 times but Hubster hadn't seen it yet).  LOVE that movie.  We had to stay up late to pick up the boys, which is very difficult after busy days out in the sun!!  Everyone was home and in bed by midnight.

Monday morning began with Boy Oneder making his world famous pancakes for us.  We finished cutting down the dead trees in the yard and bundling up the sticks while Boy Oneder was back at Wonderland for a few hours.  After showering, we headed out at 12:30 to pick up Boy Oneder and head up to Patricia's house for the day.  We had arranged to go up to try out their new stone pizza oven and pool!  YIPPEE!

It was SO nice to have all the kids together...it had been so long since all 14 of us were together and everyone gets along so well!  The kids swam and played soccer while the parents sat and ate pizza! LOL!!!

After a hot, busy day, we headed out at 5:00 for the hour drive home.  Threepeat slept for most of that hour....he was WIPED OUT!  I made pastina for Threepeat for dinner and everyone else just kinda snacked for their dinner as we were all stuffed with pizza anyway.  A couple of loads of laundry, some ironing and tidying up and it was time for a shower for Threepeat and for the older boys to put their laundry away.

We sat down to watch America's Got Talent together and then we were all off to bed.

What a FANTASTIC long weekend.  I hope that the whole summer is filled with weekends exactly like these!! Pin It

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