Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Nature's Miracles

Have you heard of little Harmon?

Harmon is a 3 week old eaglet, who is a worldwide celebrity today!  He lives in a nest in Minnesota with his Mom and Dad, two beautiful bald eagles.  There is a webcam on the tree above their next and the world is watching this little family every day.

About a week or so ago, Harmon's brother/sister fell from the nest and died, leaving Harmon to be an only child.  To add insult to injury, a few days later, little Harmon got his wing caught in a portion of the nest.  The Raptor Centre people who have been monitoring this little family decided to go up and free the little guy's wing.  When thy got up there, they realized he was in rough shape.  He was all infected and dirty.  So, they took him down to clean him up and check out his wing.  After feeding him and fixing him up, they put him back in the nest.

Mommy and Daddy eagle were terrified and didn't come back to the nest for over 24 hours.  The world watch and waited, praying that the parents would return to their chirping little eaglet.  Last night, they came home!!!  It was AWESOME!! 

Now, they are back to normal, living like eagles do.  Way to go little guy!!!  And awesome parenting Mom and Dad!!

Check out the amazing website!  They have a loon cam too...the loons just laid their first egg yesterday!  Fascinating!! Pin It

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