Thursday, 24 May 2012


You HAVE to check THIS out. I want it SOOOO badly!

My boys made some homemade bird houses years ago. They each had paints and stickers and they created their little masterpieces. We put them up on a stand, side by side, hoping to attract one of the many finches in our subdivision. They were very cute while they lasted, but we got nothing but wasps living in them and eventually, the weather beat the little things down. We didn’t get one little bird in any of them. When we cleaned out our backyard last weekend, Hubster and I reluctantly took down those little bird houses, and already, there were wasps making a nest in one of them. Ugh.

I cleared a little place for a new bird house as well as another area for a bird feeder and have been looking for something really different. I want something charming and cute. I want it big enough to attract the birds, but not big enough for stinky, dirty pigeons. I found a website and fell in love! There are SO many options, but I especially like THIS one! It would totally match the bird house that I love!!

I get such pleasure from watching birds in my backyard and I think these two additions would bring a flock of birds, don't you? Even if none of our local birds move in, they would really look cute in my newly cleaned and organized backyard! Hubster.....where's the credit card? Mommy has some shopping to do;) Pin It

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Annie Ingram said...

How sweet is that bird house!! I love it!

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