Tuesday, 8 May 2012

I miss him...

I'll admit it. 

I figured, being the second time around, I'd be all experienced and stuff.  I thought that having one less kid for three days would be nice...more time to spend with the others.  Wrong.  I miss that boy like I would miss my right arm.  :( 

Middleman will be home on Wednesday evening, but the emptiness he has left behind is gaping!  It's so strange.  He is our quietest and most independent boy.  He spends alot of time with his laptop, learning and playing online.  He is not a chatty Kathy like his two brothers and most of the time, he is just, well, here.  But, like a warm, comfy couch (and not comparing my son's worth to a couch here, it's just an analogy), you know it's there and you love it, you take it for granted.  Then one day, when that couch is moved, you're lost without it!  Sigh...not sure if I am getting my point across or not, but *I* know what I am trying to say.

Anyway, Wednesday night can't come soon enough!

Rosie had her eye surgery yesterday and is in quite alot of pain.  She looks awful:

and she has to wear the cone of humiliation.  :( 

Rosie had a corneal ulcer...we aren't sure how she got it.  We tried a week of antibiotic eye drops, but her eye refused to heal.  So, yesterday, she had a procedure called Corneal Debridement .  Basically, they put her under, they scrape her eye, hoping to stimulate healing.  Then they put a cotact lens over her eye and sew the corner of her eye shut so that the contact lens doesn't fall out.  She has pain eye drops, antibiotic eye drops, lubricating eye drops and pain tablets.  Poor, poor baby.  We're praying that this works because we won't be able to afford to do the next step, which is grafting her eyeball.  :(

Threepeat has to see an ear, nose, throat specialist for his adenoids.  They are enlarged, just as I suspected, proven by the x-ray last week.  I am waiting to hear back from Dr. L about an appoitnment to see a specialist. 

So, not a great start to our week, but, maybe the rest of the week will be TOTALLY AWESOME!  :) Pin It

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