Saturday, 5 May 2012

I hate shopping

I hate crowds, smelly people, malls that are ALWAYS too hot, lining up to purchase my stuff, finding a parking spot, finding the car in the lot after I am done shopping.  HATE. IT.

Thank goodness for online shopping!  Now, I can buy whatever I need without ever leaving my house! HA!  Perfecto! 

Just after my Dad died, we bought some motorcycle wind chimes to remember him by.  They hang in the corner of our porch, gently chiming in the wind.  I love them.  Sadly, this winter, the chime pipe fell off and it no longer makes noise.  :(  So, I was in the market for a new set.  I decided to go for angel wind chimes.  I absolutely LOVE this one.  While I was looking around this website, I started searching for parts that we need for our basement.  I found altman faucets and showed them to Hubster....we are arguing over which one we like for our bathroom!  :)  Our friends just put in a new pool and I referred her to anthony pool parts so that she too can shop online!

What an awesome website to find pretty much anything you need! = awesome! Pin It

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