Thursday, 12 April 2012

Walking the talk

I've made great strides in the last couple of weeks in getting healthier.  That may or may not have had something to do with the fact that my annual physical was on Tuesday.  But, no matter the reasons, I am getting healthier.

I quit smoking on New Year's Day.  Smoking has been a real struggle for me all my life.  But this time, I have licked it for good!  For the first time in my life, I can say that I am genuinely grossed out by the smell...I have NEVER felt that way before, even in the six years that I quit to have Boy Oneder and Middleman!  Today is day 102 and I feel GREAT!  My lungs are getting better every day and I really do notice a difference.

Once I was feeling the energy that came with quitting smoking, I decided to start an exercise routine.  There was no way I could exercise in any way that required breathing while I smoked...walking up the stairs was a struggle!  But now, I feel great and I am enjoying the exercise.  I have exercised in some way, shape or form every day since April 2nd.  Some days, it's walking Rosie for ten minutes; some days it's an hour of yoga with Hubster and some days, it's walking for 2-3 kilometers...heck, some days it's all of the above.

I am logging my foods and exercise on Lose It's Ipad app and it's really making me accountable.  I can honestly say that although I have set a goal of losing 20 lbs on my app, this whole lifestyle change is not so much about losing weight as it is about being healthy.  I think that's why it seems so easy.  There's no pressure.  And if, by being healthier, I lose weight along the way, well, YIPPEE!! 

So, here's to a healthier me! Pin It

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