Thursday, 26 April 2012

Rosetta Translation

Marrying into an Italian family was no easy task. Most of Hubster’s extended family spoke broken English. His parents had a difficult time putting English sentences together as well. As you can imagine, our conversations were short and very light. It would have been nice to have a translation service to help me on those days when I really wanted to communicate with them! Sadly, translation services for a family situation really aren’t practical!

My personal situation is not limited to families. Many businesses could do well with hiring a translation agency to help with documentation, etc. There are many translation companies out there, but I found one that really seems to stand out from other translation agencies...

Translation Services is a website that is clear and easy to navigate. I saw that they have quite a knack for legal translation, financial translation, technical and medical translation. While moving around the website, I also saw that they translate brail! This translation company uses very sophisticated technology, allowing them to, among many other things, created a designated terminology database with the first translation so that it can be used and built upon throughout the project. Pretty cool.

I was quite impressed with this translation agency. Rosetta Translation had lots of testimonials that tells me that this company is reputable. Check them out for yourself!

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Steven said...

Thanks for the wonderful post and even i have used their translation services and found it to be good and i would recommend to you Rosetta Translation for any further translations

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