Thursday, 1 March 2012

SUCH a bad blogger.

Once again, another month has come and gone and I can't BELIEVE how fast it went! February FLEW by in the blink of an eye! I can't think of a better month of the year t have fly by than February though, can you? We have had an AWESOME winter this year with very little snow, not too much cold and two occasions of freezing rain, that I can remember. For a Canadian winter, that's AMAZING! But if I did have to wish a month away, it would certainly be February.

We leave for our cruise on Wednesday (that's seven sleeps if you are counting) and will be gone for nearly two weeks, so March will fly by too! Then it's April and all the flowers start to bloom and before we know it, it's SPRINGTIME! Can I get a woot, woot!!??

Our trip next week begins on Wednesday after work. We (Hubster, the boys, my Mom, MIL and I) will drive to Buffalo to our hotel. Our flight leaves Buffalo Airport at 7:30 on Thursday for Fort Lauderdale. We are staying Thursday and Friday nights in Fort Lauderdale and then board our ship, the Carnival Freedom, on Saturday. We sail to Curacao, Aruba, Grand Turk and La Romana (not necessarily in that order) and arrive back in Fort Lauderdale on the Sunday. We then head back to our hotel and stay until Monday, when our flight leaves in the evening for Buffalo. We land in Buffalo at 11:00 pm and then drive home. It will be a very late night, so we have booked the Tuesday off work/school to rest. We are all SO excited!!!

Hockey is winding down...Boy Oneder has his first playoff game on Saturday and then we pretty much miss the rest of the games because we are away. I'm really hoping they make it as far as they can so that maybe we can squeeze one more game in because I really do miss hockey in the summer!

Middleman is still going strong with soccer. He practices Tuesdays and Thursdays and plays games on Saturday or Sunday. He also does speed training on Fridays which started last week. He's loving it and we have really seen a difference in his confidence, strength and ability this year. The transformation has been amazing.

Little Threepeat plays indoor soccer on Saturdays for an hour. Hubster coaches him. Bless his heart. The patience required in coaching 4 year olds in soccer us pretty much that of a SAINT. Certainly more than *I* have!!! He is loving school, which he attends on Mondays, Wednesdays and alternate Fridays. He also still loves attending his preschool/daycare on his off days. He has some close friends there, a couple of which play soccer with him, so he really does enjoy his play time there.

Hubster and I signed up for a yoga class that starts on March 26th. It is at the local community centre and is for beginners....that would be us...beginners. I'm looking forward to not only some time with my Hubster, but to beginning an attempt to live a healthier lifestyle, both mentally and physically. Lots of changes coming up for me in 2012. Forget the year of the dragon....this is the Year of Dawn baby!!! And it's about time too!

So, life is busy, as usual, but very very good looking ahead! :) Pin It

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