Monday, 26 March 2012

Clean Sweep 2012

Some of you may remember my little adventure called "Clean Sweep 2010"? A little venture that ate up a week of my vacation and never really was completed, but it certainly mad a BIG dent in the clutter and mess that had overtaken this house like a slow plague.

Well, that slow growing plague has infected our home again. Not as badly as the first time, but boy oh boy that clutter plague is here!

I have no vacation time to dedicate to this project this year, but I am trying my best to tackle little areas at a time. For example, this weekend was the kitchen. MIL is moving down to the basement and so alot of her stuff moved down to the basement kitchen. That opened up some spots for my stuff that had been piled up in the back of cupboards, most of which I forgot I had. Anyway, in moving the stuff around, I also purged alot of old cereal, chips and cookies that were long since expired and that no one had any intention of eating! Some of my cupboards are lovely and organized now!

It's such hard work, especially since I know that while I am working hard in the kitchen, Hubster or one of the kids is out there messing up another room! That's going to change now too though.

Since MIL moved in 10 years ago, both Hubster and the kids have really gotten lazy. I will ask them to do something (like put their dishes in the dishwasher) and they knew that they could leave it and Nanna would come along and pick up after them...even after I begged her not to. They have been spoiled rotten. But no more my friends. Boy Oneder and Middleman emptied the dishwasher and refilled it together for the first time in their lives. Considering that they are almost 16 and almost 13, that's RIDICULOUS! They actually did a good job.

So, not only am I removing the clutter in the house, I am removing the bad habits that have been formed over the last ten years. Without MIL here to spoil them, I am finally going to be able to turn my boys into the independent, helpful men their future wives will want!

So, as before, I will post photos of my progress. Stay tuned for Clean Sweep 2012! Pin It

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