Friday, 30 December 2011

At long last, a Christmas update...

Christmas was great.

Mom came over on Christmas Eve and stayed for a fish fry-up. MIL made the dinner on Christmas Eve, as is her tradition.

At 7:00, Mom and I went to the Christmas Eve service at my new church. It was full of singing and love. The sermon was very fitting and Mom and I shed a few tears along the way.

Back home by 8:30, and we all just vegged in the family room, watching tv.

I had to wake Threepeat up at 8:15!!! We all headed downstairs and opened our gifts. Santa was good to all and we had fun for about an hour before everything was opened and the family room was a DISASTER of toys, clothes, boxes and wrapping paper!! All that work and the whole thing was over in less than an hour!

MIL left for SIL's house at around noon...Hubster drove her so that they could visit the cemetery and then Hubster could drop MIL off. Mom and I started the Christmas dinner preparations...a beautiful fresh turkey with stuffing, sausage meat, roasted potatoes, turnip, spinach., peas, Yorkshire puddings and gravy. was divine!

After supper, we watched "Mr. Popper's Pengiuns"....what a great movie! We all loved it!

We chilled out until late in the evening and then headed to bed. MIL slept at SIL's. :)

Boxing Day morning, we woke up and cleaned a little bit. Hubster took the boys out and Mom went home while I showered.

We went over SIL's house for a few hours.

Next, we headed over to our besties' house. Time with Kath and Bru is ALWAYS good. We laugh like hyenas and have a great time. We had Chinese food and wings and I made a cheeseball that was a real hit! Now that the kids are older, it's nice to have them take part in some of our conversations! The kids exchanged gifts and we sat around the kitchen table, chatting for a few hours and then it was time to go home to bed.

December 27th was Mark and Patricia day. We headed over to Mom's in the afternoon and had pizza and wings with everyone. LOVED seeing my sweet nieces and nephew (poor Ben is the only boy in the family of 6 kids). He really likes spending time with my boys when we get together. Courtney is SO like Joanne, my goodness. Everyone loved on Grandma's little puppy, Milo and we had a blast watching a "Kitchen Nightmares" marathon! Just like with Kath and Bru, the laughs are flowing when we are with Mark and Patricia and their clan! The kids exchanged their gifts and then it was time to head out for the night.

I worked on the 28th and yesterday and have a half day today. We are spending New Year's Eve at home with the boys, playing board games and watching movies...our favourite way to spend New Year's Eve. :)

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Kate said...

So glad you got to experience Christmas like this!

I was thinking the other day, now that you are a HollaBAC girl you and I are now truly sisters and will be forever more.

God is good.


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