Friday, 4 November 2011

Ten Things I Will Never Forget About Cabo San Lucas

Cabo - Ten things I will cherish in my memory forever, not in any particular order:

1.  Sunshine with not a cloud in the sky each and every day. The temperature was hot...90 degrees or more every single day. The stinging burn of hotter than bearable sand on my feet as I ran as fast as I could to the ocean or shade for relief!  The feel of the hot sun on my skin every day and the cold rush as we went into the pool to cool off. The view from the edge of the pool, looking over the beautiful Sea of Cortiz at the rock formations that were clearly the work of nature...the work of God himself. 

2.  Reconnecting with my husband. We had forgotten one another in the hustle and bustle of our lives.  The kids have taken over our lives completely and it is extremely rare when Hubster and I have a moment to talk, let alone go on a date. Almost every conversation is interrupted by one of the boys or eavesdropped on by my mother in law. We needed this time so badly to just be together. There were many times where we just sat together in silence, enjoying each others' company. We had many conversations, uninterrupted, completely private and easy. We held hands when we walked to and from places. We hugged, we kissed.  We whispered "I love you" more times than I can count. This special time will live in my heart forever. Until now, I had no idea how desperately we needed this. Is is such a blessing from God that we had this time together. I'm sobbing my eyes out here in the lobby of the resort just typing this. That's how much it meant to me. 

3.  The staff at the resort. Everyone from the maids to the painters, the waiters to the entertainment team has been amazing!  They genuinely love to work here and it shows. The waiters and waitresses pull your chair out and lay your napkin on your lap for you.  When you are on your way back from the buffet, they carry your plate for you. Your drinks are never empty and they are always smiling. If you pass ANY of the staff in the hallways, they ALL smile and say, "Hola!". I have never been anywhere where the staff is so friendly. Robbie, the extremely flambouyant and hilarious entertainment director kept Hubster and I in stitches through the day and the night with his one liners and funny mannerisms. Nora, the beautiful exercise leader was super friendly and Pee-Wee was stunningly handsome, but sadly girls, he played on the same team as Robbie. ;). Excellent, excellent staff!

4.  The sweet little hummingbirds that graced us with their presence every day, throughout the day, sticking their tiny beaks into each flower of the hundreds of Bouganvillias all around the pool. Their little wings flap like mad as they tweet and gather the nectar from the abundant flowers. The hummingbirds reminded me of my Mom each day because she loves hummingbirds. Come to think of it, so did the flowers. She loves Bouganvillias too!

5.  Releasing the tortugas.  Wednesday night was so incredible.  Seeing 200 tiny little black turtles fight their way to the safety of the ocean.  We all had the opportunity to hold one and release it ourselves onto the beach. Hubster took one, but I took photos. Hubster held that little thing and talked to it, "Hi little guy!" and "Now go little free!". LOL it was cute. Each time a big wave crashed in, a few little ones made it to the safe water, but many more, who had spent half an hour getting a few feet down towards the shore were washed up even further back than where they began!!!  The poor little things were flipped around and left on their shells, struggling with all their might to get upright again. At first, we weren't allowed to help them. The conservationist there said they needed to do this as it was their instinct, but when there were only a few little guys left, some of the guests placed them in the water gently. There were several pelicans in the water diving like mad birds and coming up with what I am sure was beakfuls of little turtles, but I guess this is life. God's way of ensuring that only the string survive. At least they had all of us on the beach, shading them from the perilous seagulls and other turtle-eating creatures!  Hubster wondered at breakfast this morning, "I wonder how my little guy is doing". I responded, "I'm sure Threepeat is just fine". Hubster replied, "No, not little turtle!  LOL. Who would have ever thought Hubster would turn out to be a "turtle whisperer"!!

7.  My ring.  A beautiful, thin band of 18 carat white gold with crusted diamonds across the top. One that I fell in love with the moment I saw it. One which will fit perfectly between my wedding and engagement rings. One which I will cherish because it will always remind me of this most amazing vacation. I considered having it dipped in 24 carat yellow gold to match my other ringds, but i think that none of the white gold will show because of the diamonds.  I worked hard for the extra money that I received before this trip and it feels awesome to be able to spend some of it on me. Just.  Me. :)

8. Parasailing. Although this is something I will never, ever do again, it is something that I am glad I experienced. I couldn't open my eyes For more than five seconds at a time because I was so terrified. I was having trouble breathing and was shaking like a leaf. My mouth was dry and I white knuckled those straps the entire time.  It was horrible. But...I saw Los Cabos from a perspective that you can only get when hanging like a kite from a rope not more than half an inch thick. So, one more thing I can say I've done...and will never do again!!

9. Afternoon siestas in our semi-private palm tree "forest". Every afternoon, we would head down to the little area on the beach that is covered by about thirty mature palm trees. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the pool area and you can hear the waves crashing against the shore. We read here and we had naps here. Anyone who knows me knows that as much as I wish I were, I am not a napper. Even after each of the boys were born and I was tired beyond comprehension, I could never sleep. Here, I can sleep. For an hour or more at a time. The sea breeze, the sun peeking through those protective palm trees swaying gently all made for a very relaxing spot to catch some zzz's. I loved those afternoons. 

10.  The mariachi bands. The threesome that made their way through esch of the restaurants at night, asking if we wanted a romantic song or a traditional song.  The band that consisted of two guitars and a big huge bass. The harmony of those mens' voices took me away. Beautiful, sweet Mexican music that will always be part of this awesome vacation. 

There are many other things I will remember about this special trip. From the food to the locals selling their wares to our fellow guests who all felt like we did. The Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas is like no other. A place where you yearn to come back to because it just feels like home...minus the cold, the stress and the every day responsibilities. A place where you are treated with happy, genuine respect. A place where couples start their married life, enjoy a second honeymoon or spend their fiftieth wedding anniversary. A place that I cannot wait to come back to. 

For now, buenos noches and asta le vista. Grazias Mexico...mucho, mucho grazias!  Pin It

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