Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Cabo - Day Six

Cabo - Day Six

We had a very eventful day here in paradise!  It started out normally with our buffet breakfast, but at 11:15, the shuttle picked us up to take us to the party area of the beach, where we hopped onto a water taxi for the ride out to the middle of the Sea of Cortiz for our parasailing adventure. Not gonna lie...I was terrified.

Our water taxi hooked itself up to the parasailing boat and we shimmied our way up to the bigger boat. While we were boarding the boat, there was already a couple in the air. They were up really, really high. Did I mention in was terrified?  I got to chatting with another lady who was waiting for her turn and she was as scared as me. It was nice to have another chicken on the boat because Hubster and her husband were as excited as schoolboys!

The couple of ladies came down and the. The guy that was with them went up by himself. They were very large people, and that gave me a tiny bit of confidence...if the parasail rope didn't break for them, surely it would hold Hubster and I!!

After the big dude, it was our turn. I was shaking and terrified. The only two parts I enjoyed was the first let go as my feet left the boat and when I realized we were done. I was crapping myself up there. We estimate we were up about 600 feet. Well, Hubster estimates that. I say it was more like 1,000 feet. We became a human kite. Although it was pretty up there, I couldn't relax enough to keep my eyes open for more than ten second at a time. Hubster took a few photos from way up there and the family we met took some from my camera on the boat. Ugh. That's one thing I will never do again!

We took the water taxi back to shore about an hour and a half later and sat in a batter that had swings for THAT was fun!  I had two Coronas (lucky for us it was happy hour and the drinks were two for one) and Hubster had two pina coladas. We then ordered a Baja Sampler, which had hot wings, nachos, enchiladas, calamari and tortillas with cheese inside. Yummy!!!  We sat with our new found friends and the wife and I toasted our survival. Turns out they are here from Calgary for a wedding. 

Before we Knew it, it was 2:30...time for the shuttle back to the resort. When we arrived, we swam in the pool and vegged on loungers until 5:00. Robbie, our flamboyant and flaming entertainment director had told us earlier that we should all meet on the beach at 5:30 for the turtle races. Apparently, turtles are very endangered here. We were set to release 200 tiny baby turtles into the ocean!!  They were the cutest things!  Hubster held one and released it on the beach and we watched for an hour as they scurried down the beach towards the ocean, nearly making it and then a huge wave would come and take a few, but push the majority waaaay back up the beach!  The poor little things!  Then three pelicans showed up and just kept diving for the little turtle popcorns!  I was so sad to see that!  Finally, with about fifty people still watching, the last little guy got washed into the ocean and we all clapped. It was an amazing experience!!  Unfortunately, I am out of memory on my camera, so I only got a few seconds of video and a couple of photos. I will check the gift shop for a memory card tomorrow, and may even trek over to Walmart first thing in the morning. We still have a day and a half and I want to take lots of photos!!

It's 6:42 and both Hubster and I are still stuffed from that awesome authentic Mexian lunch...I think we will shower and head down for a drink before finally making our way to the buffet for a late dinner. 

Tomorrow is already our last day :(. I can't believe a week has passed.  This vacation is (this) close to being as good as our honeymoon. Being able to reconnect with my husband after 15.5 years with kids and 10 years with a live-in mother-in-law has been priceless. We will definitely be doing this once a year, EVERY year.  Pin It

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