Friday, 4 November 2011

Cabo -Day Seven

Cabo - Day Seven

It's 7:45 am on our last full day here in paradise. Hubster is still in bed, but I am on our balcony, soaking up as much sun as I can. I've been very careful with the sunscreen and have very little colour to show for the glorious weather we have been blessed with, so, today my friends, is a sunscreen-free day...sort of. I plan to spend the morning naked (of sunscreen that is, I will of course be wearing a bathing suit!) and when we come in for lunch, assess the situation before the real strong mid-day sun starts. Oh yeah, it's time for a tan baby!

Just before we left for our trip, I was given some unexpected but deserved money. I told myself that I would use it to buy myself something really nice because usually, extra money means something for the kids. We went into the resort jewellery shop on our first day and I fell in love with a gorgeous diamond ring. I thought about that ring every day. Well, last night, I bought it. It it a very thin band and I plan to wear it between my engagement and wedding bands. This trip has been like a second honeymoon and the ring is the perfect way to remember it that way. The man is having it sized for me and I will pick it up at 4:00 this evening. I can't wait!!!

Today will be a bake in the sun day and then we have reservations at the ala carte Japanese restaurant again. Hubster loved it last time and I was feeling too yucky to really enjoy it, so we are going back for more!

I had to buy another memory card for my camera since I filled the other one to capacity, so I am also hoping to take lots of photos of this beautiful place to share with you all when I get home. I so don't want to go home. I wish it was a two week vacation!

Well, the pool is I go to the sunshine of Los Cabos!

I am sitting by the pool, in the shade. It is SO. Freaking. HOT. True to my word, I went without sunscreen all morning, but have started to burn a wee bit so I put some sunscreen on a few spots and will join Hubster back in the sun in a few minutes.

Hubster and I did the "exercises in the water" that the entertainment team does every day at 11:00. We loved it. Neither of us could keep up with the movements, but we had a lot of fun trying!! We had some lunch and headed right back to the sun to enjoy our last afternoon. On that note, I think I will take a dip in the beautiful pool and then dry off in the heat of the sunshine.

Asta la vista baby!

Nothing like a wardrobe malfunction to ruin the moment. Hubster and I were just getting into the pool when the back of my bikini snapped and the girls burst out with great gusto for the world to see! Praise the Lord that I was in the pool!!! Hubster tried frantically to fix me up enough to get out of the pool, but there was no fixing to be done. That clasp was a goner. I held my top strategically in place as I carefully and discreetly walked over to my lounger and wrapped myself in a towel. I keep telling myself no one saw, but come on...we all know they did! Ugh!

Sitting in la ventana soaking up the sound of the crashing waves and the sound of the entertainment team calling out bingo numbers for the last time before we head home tomorrow. Wishing the end weren't here. :(

After another wonderful dinner at the Japanese restaurant, we sat for a while in the lobby. After a little bit, we headed up to our usual spot in the entertainment area in anticipation of the show which we knew was going to be great. "Grease" or "Vaselina" as Robbie called it was really awesome! They danced to every song from the movie and showed a few clips in between. I loved it and sang my heart out the whole time! At 10:15, we were once again exhausted and headed up to our room, where we both fell asleep almost immediately.

A perfect last day. Pin It

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