Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cabo - Day Four

What a great day today!! We had a nice buffet breakfast and then relaxed for a bit before getting ready for our excursion to Cabo San Lucas.

The bus picked us up at 10:40 and drove us to the marina where we boarded a water taxi for a tour around Lover's Beach. The rock formations were unbelievable and the beaches stunning. We sailed around through the canal into the Pacific Ocean, just for a moment, where our captain turned around to bring us back to the beach where we were set to snorkel. The formations he showed us where things like Scooby Doo, a coyote, a pirate and an elephant head. You just have to be here to see the natural beauty. God's handiwork for certain. we even saw a big family of sea lions and when our captain called out to them, they responded! Amazing.

We met Jose, our snorkel guide and got ourselves settled on the beach. Before long, we were putting on our flippers and masks and heading out into the gorgeous Sea of Cortiz. I can't even begin to describe the number of fish we saw under there!! Jose is able to hold his breath for up to four minutes and dove down fifty feet many times to bring up treasures for us to see and touch. First, it was a shell, with whatever the animal was still inside. Next, a baby octopus, which he placed on my hand and I watched it slowly squirm before passing it on to Hubster. I got to touch a starfish and hold it in my hand and also held two different types of blowfish. I was completely amazed and in awe. The thousands of sardines that swam all around us were amazing, as were the vibrant blue, red, yellow, green, orange...every colour of the rainbow fish that we saw down there. Breathtaking.

After an hour, we got out of the water for lunch, which neither Hubster or I ate as it was sitting in the sun for a long time (turkey sandwiches WITH mayo). Umm...no thanks. LOL! We had the cookies and the chips and the oranges that they packed for us and that kept us tied over until we got back to the resort. Hubster and I walked through and around a couple of the rock formations to Lover's Beach and had a swim and then crossed the wicked hot sand to the other side which our Captain jokingly called "Divorce Beach". It is on the Pacific side (as opposed to the Sea of Cortiz side that Lover's Beach is on) and dipped our toes in, but with the high waves, ended up wet to our knees.

After a few minutes, we pretty much RAN across that blazing hot sand and jumped back into the ocean for one more dip before our water taxi was back to pick us up.

We took the ten minute ride back to the marina, where our bus driver, Daniel, was waiting for us. We were given the option of shopping in the market for an hour or heading back to the hotel. Two other couples decided to stY, but Hubster and I were STARVING and asked to be taken back to the resort. We went straight to the restaurant for lunch and then headed down to our beloved palm trees for our siesta. Hubster siested, but my book on the iPad mysteriously disappeared, so I had to go up to the lobby to re-download it (no wireless on the beach). By the time I got back, he was out cold and I read a few chapters. At 4:00, I took quick dip in the ocean and my bathing suit was so full of sand, I just HAD to shower immediately. Hubster came back upstairs at 5:15 and I headed down here to the ventana for a glass of wine and to Facebook a little.

When Hubster comes down, we will head to the restaurant for a buffet dinner and then at 8:00, we are going to skype with the boys...can't wIt to hear about their trick or treating!! Then, we will head over to the Santa Fe (I know we were supposed to do that last night, but I wasn't feeling well). I hope the Santa Fe has a nightclub...I'm in the mood to dance tonight!!

The buffet dinner was good. We walked over to the Santa Fe and weren't really impressed. It was nice, but louder, busier and younger. The Palace is just right for us old folks!

Wen watched the Halloween show, which was brilliant! There was a costume contest for both kids and adults before the show and we had a few laughs. We headed up to bed at 10:30 and zonked out after a busy day! Pin It

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