Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Cabo - Day Five

Cabo - Day Five

It's 2:20 and I just finished reading "The Help". What an UNBELIEVABLE book. It is right up there on the top of my favourite books. So well-written, I just couldn't put it down! Now I'm sad because I am done. I want more!!!

Today has been a veg day. We had a late(ish) breakfast at 9:00 and lazed by the pool til lunchtime. I had lunch (Hubster is finally feeling the effects of four day's of non-stop sunrises (fruity drinks) and is sleeping here beside me under our palm trees. I just watched a beautiful bride marry her groom on the beach...I admit, I cried a little. She is breathtakingly beautiful and her dress was stunning. What a gorgeous place to get married, right on the beach.

Two Carnivals ships sailed in this morning...the Spirit and the Splendor. As much as I am loving this amazing vacation, seeing those ships in the water makes me pine for a cruise. Hubster and I are toying with the idea of going on a cruise with the boys in February instead of Florida...we will see. For now, I will enjoy another Marguerita (kinda done with the mohitos) and relax in the sun. This is becoming a habit...a very, very good habit!!

Tonight, we have reservations at the steakhouse for dinner and then, I presume, we will relax and watch the entertainment again. The shows are really quite good! Tomorrow is parasailing day. Not really looking forward to risking my life, but Hubster wants to do it, so I will, being the most excellent wife that am.

It's 5:47 pm and Hubster and I just enjoyed a half hour couples massage. On the beach. Listening to the crashing waves as the sun just started making its daily retreat. Now anyone who knows me knows how much I love massages i have had hot stone massages, tropical rain massages, reiki massages, but this, my friends, took the cake. (sorry Tamara and Christine) Anyway, we are both as relaxed as can be now, sitting on our balcony, enjoying a glass of the complimentary champagne that the hotel gave us on our first night. The sun is setting and we have the ultimate view of the Carnival Spirit in the ocean in front of us. Boy, I could get used to this.

In half an hour, we will head down for our steakhouse dinner. Life doesn't get much better than this!

The steakhouse dinner was AMAZING! We started out with assorted shellfish on a platter (mussels, shrimp, crab, octopus). Delicious! The, as we were wait for our main (land and sea tenderloin), the couple next to us asked if we wanted to try the fish they had caught themselves on their excursion today. Hell to the yeah we do!! It was DIVINE!!! Two kinds, breaded and cooked up beautifully! We spoke to them a little...they were from Wyoming. Really nice couple. Next we had our main course, which was the most scrumptious piece of fillet mignon with grilled shrimp. Mmmmmm! My dessert was Baked Alaskan and Hubster had triple chocolate cake. Even more delicious!

After dinner, we went over to the entertainment area for a drink and watched the kids paying their games on stage with Riuland. So cute. We then headed upstairs (at about 9:00) for a romantic chat on the balcony, watching the big Carnival ships sail away into the night. Amazing.

I was asleep by 10:30. Another perfect day. Pin It

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