Friday, 4 November 2011

Cabo - Day Eight

Although day eight has just begun, I don't know if I will have a chance to post this again before we get on the plane, so I am posting early.

Cabo - Day Eight

It's 6:51 am and I have been up since 6:17. Hubster's snoring kept me up most of the night and 6:17 was the last straw. I brought pillows and a big towel out to the balcony to try to sleep here, but I am wide awake. The sun is just making its way over the horizon and the birds and singing happily. It's fresh out here, but by no means cold. It is peaceful and the sound of the waves and the pool fountain makes a nice backdrop to the birds' songs.

Im so sad.

As much as I miss the boys, I could easily do another week. I feel like I have just started to really relax and now, I have to go back to the stress of everyday life. I know I should be grateful, and I am, but I just don't want to go home yet.

I am already worrying about the plane ride and the number of emails that are sitting on my laptop at home, waiting for me. We won't be home until about midnight Toronto time, but I will need to have Middleman at soccer by 9:00, only to get back home and do mounds of laundry. Threepeat will have missed me alot and will be attached to me all day. Sigh...

I read a quote once that said "Don't be sad that it's happy that it happened.". I'm a little of both today.

So, we will have our breakfast, pack our bags, shower and be out of our rooms by 10:00 and then the bus will take us to the airport at 11:00. Our flight leaves at 2:30. We are scheduled to arrive in Toronto at 9:50 local time...6:50 Mexican time.

I will never forget this vacation for as long as I live.

So, to take away a little bit of the sting of the end of an amazing week, here is a list of what I look forward to:

- a BIG hug and kiss from my three boys
- a large coffee from Tim cream, two sugar please. I haven't had coffee all's horrible here!
- sleeping in my own bed, snuggled up because it will be cold
- the roast beef dinner that I plan to make tomorrow night. I must admit that although the food has been quite good here, I look forward to my meat and potatoes and some nice fresh veggies!
- watching tv. Hubster and I turned the tv on once this week...everything was Spanish. LOL. I am looking forward to my shows, "Modern Family" and "Come Dine With Me Canada"
- watching Boy Oneder play hockey. I love watching that kid play!
- full time Internet. Not having to go down to the lobby to be able to Facebook. I do love my Internet.

So, there are some things to look forward to. I am glad for that!
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