Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Tonight's Alpha session was about the Holy Spirit...who is He? How does he work in and for us? What's His purpose?

One of Nicky's stories tonight was about a man who wanted to be Christian, but was too embarrassed/shy to tell anyone. He figured that if he became a Christian, he would have to tell everyone and that made him uncomfortable. He was told by a preacher that he could be an exception...that God would be ok with him keeping his new Christianity between him and God. So, the man went upstairs, knelt by his bed and accepted Jesus into his heart.

When the man came downstairs a few minutes later, his parents and a couple of friends were in the kitchen...

"You won't BELIEVE what's happened!". He exclaimed, ready to tell them all about his newfound faith! LOL!

It's funny because so many times, I have felt the same way. I SO don't want to be like so many other Christians who gush and preach and just don't stop with the Jesus stuff....but I can see why they are the way they are!

This feeling, this peace, is something I can't help but share!! This feeling is something I have yearned for all my life, but only now have found. And as much as two or three weeks ago, I was embarrassed to admit I was going to Alpha, now I want to shout it from the rooftops so that everyone else can feel this feeling!!!

It's awesome!

So many changes are happening in my life. Bad habits being kicked, love and compassion replacing hate and anger, fences being mended...all because of God.

I promise this blog won't become all about religion, but I hope you will seek out an Alpha class near you...unbelievably powerful!!! Pin It

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