Wednesday, 30 November 2011

I need a clone.


Work is CRAZY busy.

Hockey and indoor soccer and skating lessons are in full swing.

Laundry is piled high.

I haven't dusted in 3 weeks.

The bed sheets need changing.

There is almost no food in the house.

I need a clone. Pin It

Wednesday, 23 November 2011


Tonight's Alpha session was about the Holy Spirit...who is He? How does he work in and for us? What's His purpose?

One of Nicky's stories tonight was about a man who wanted to be Christian, but was too embarrassed/shy to tell anyone. He figured that if he became a Christian, he would have to tell everyone and that made him uncomfortable. He was told by a preacher that he could be an exception...that God would be ok with him keeping his new Christianity between him and God. So, the man went upstairs, knelt by his bed and accepted Jesus into his heart.

When the man came downstairs a few minutes later, his parents and a couple of friends were in the kitchen...

"You won't BELIEVE what's happened!". He exclaimed, ready to tell them all about his newfound faith! LOL!

It's funny because so many times, I have felt the same way. I SO don't want to be like so many other Christians who gush and preach and just don't stop with the Jesus stuff....but I can see why they are the way they are!

This feeling, this peace, is something I can't help but share!! This feeling is something I have yearned for all my life, but only now have found. And as much as two or three weeks ago, I was embarrassed to admit I was going to Alpha, now I want to shout it from the rooftops so that everyone else can feel this feeling!!!

It's awesome!

So many changes are happening in my life. Bad habits being kicked, love and compassion replacing hate and anger, fences being mended...all because of God.

I promise this blog won't become all about religion, but I hope you will seek out an Alpha class near you...unbelievably powerful!!! Pin It

Friday, 18 November 2011

Finding Jesus

I can't begin to tell you how much Alpha has changed my life.

God has found me and I have answered His call. I know, that sounds really cooky and Bible-thumperish. But hear me out...

I started 6 weeks ago, on the advice of my Mum, who has taken the Alpha course more than once and some friends, who all say it is amazing and that it changed their lives. I have struggled for years with anger, hate, hurt, sadness and turmoil. I needed to find peace and happiness. I have found it.

Nicky Gumbel, the founder of Alpha speaks to us through weekly DVDs about Christianity. In his DVDs, he has removed the rules of any given church and just talked to us about who God is and the way He speaks to us, teaches us and guides us. It's basically the who, what, when, where, why and how of Christianity. It just makes sense. After the 45 minute DVD, we sit for the next 45 minutes to discuss the topic and how it affected us, what we thought and any questions we have. There are table leaders who guide the conversation and ask us open-ended questions to encourage us to talk about the video and its message. Topics include things like "How does God Guide Us", "Who Was Jesus", "Why Did Jesus Die?" and "How to Pray". Interesting, compelling and riveting. Through these classes, I have met such kind, gentle, loving, accepting people. They are all like me, eager to fill the void that no money, person, career or material luxury can fill. A yearning for a peace that we hadn't found, but we have found together.

So many "Christians" have tried to "convert" me to their way of thinking. Their judgmental and opinionated, literal way of looking at the Bible and how everyone should view it turned me off of religion altogether. By forcing their ways down my throat, they pushed me further away from wanting to know God.

Thanks to Nicky and his Alpha program, I have changed my outlook on life. I have forgiven and even started to pray for the person who has hurt me most in this world. I feel SORRY for her. I pray for her healing so that she doesn't live such a sad, angry, resentful life. Through the friends I have met at Alpha and the prayers they say for me, I have been able to accept the life I have, and embrace the blessings instead of dwelling on the crosses. I am truly amazed. And we are only halfway through the program!!

God has spoken to me. I now have faith that He exists and that He wants what is best for me. He wants me to be happy. He wants me to let go of the hurt and embrace the love. Although I will never let the forgiven person hurt me again, I have forgiven her for her evilness (is that a word?) in the past. I am able to move forward with a renewed outlook. I think I can face her now and not feel sick for days before I see her. We will never be friends, but I think I can be in a room with her and not feel physically ill the entire time...all thanks to my newfound relationship with God.

Who woulda thunk that He had my back all this time? All I had to do was open my heart and let Him in. I can't believe how much time I have spent hating and sick with depression when He has been here all the time, waiting for me to wake up and smell the Nabob! (DUH!)

I highly recommend this program, no matter what denomination of the Christian faith that you practice (or don't practice). All denominations offer this course at various times, so your local Christian church, whether it be Catholic, Presbyterian, Baptist, United....whatever...chances are, at some point, they will hold this class at their church. Twelve weeks of common sense. It will only take a few of those weeks for you to see life with a whole new set of eyes and a happier, more peaceful heart. No judgement, no expectations...just open, honest conversation. Check it'll be glad you did. Pin It

Monday, 7 November 2011



FML. Pin It

Friday, 4 November 2011

Ten Things I Will Never Forget About Cabo San Lucas

Cabo - Ten things I will cherish in my memory forever, not in any particular order:

1.  Sunshine with not a cloud in the sky each and every day. The temperature was hot...90 degrees or more every single day. The stinging burn of hotter than bearable sand on my feet as I ran as fast as I could to the ocean or shade for relief!  The feel of the hot sun on my skin every day and the cold rush as we went into the pool to cool off. The view from the edge of the pool, looking over the beautiful Sea of Cortiz at the rock formations that were clearly the work of nature...the work of God himself. 

2.  Reconnecting with my husband. We had forgotten one another in the hustle and bustle of our lives.  The kids have taken over our lives completely and it is extremely rare when Hubster and I have a moment to talk, let alone go on a date. Almost every conversation is interrupted by one of the boys or eavesdropped on by my mother in law. We needed this time so badly to just be together. There were many times where we just sat together in silence, enjoying each others' company. We had many conversations, uninterrupted, completely private and easy. We held hands when we walked to and from places. We hugged, we kissed.  We whispered "I love you" more times than I can count. This special time will live in my heart forever. Until now, I had no idea how desperately we needed this. Is is such a blessing from God that we had this time together. I'm sobbing my eyes out here in the lobby of the resort just typing this. That's how much it meant to me. 

3.  The staff at the resort. Everyone from the maids to the painters, the waiters to the entertainment team has been amazing!  They genuinely love to work here and it shows. The waiters and waitresses pull your chair out and lay your napkin on your lap for you.  When you are on your way back from the buffet, they carry your plate for you. Your drinks are never empty and they are always smiling. If you pass ANY of the staff in the hallways, they ALL smile and say, "Hola!". I have never been anywhere where the staff is so friendly. Robbie, the extremely flambouyant and hilarious entertainment director kept Hubster and I in stitches through the day and the night with his one liners and funny mannerisms. Nora, the beautiful exercise leader was super friendly and Pee-Wee was stunningly handsome, but sadly girls, he played on the same team as Robbie. ;). Excellent, excellent staff!

4.  The sweet little hummingbirds that graced us with their presence every day, throughout the day, sticking their tiny beaks into each flower of the hundreds of Bouganvillias all around the pool. Their little wings flap like mad as they tweet and gather the nectar from the abundant flowers. The hummingbirds reminded me of my Mom each day because she loves hummingbirds. Come to think of it, so did the flowers. She loves Bouganvillias too!

5.  Releasing the tortugas.  Wednesday night was so incredible.  Seeing 200 tiny little black turtles fight their way to the safety of the ocean.  We all had the opportunity to hold one and release it ourselves onto the beach. Hubster took one, but I took photos. Hubster held that little thing and talked to it, "Hi little guy!" and "Now go little free!". LOL it was cute. Each time a big wave crashed in, a few little ones made it to the safe water, but many more, who had spent half an hour getting a few feet down towards the shore were washed up even further back than where they began!!!  The poor little things were flipped around and left on their shells, struggling with all their might to get upright again. At first, we weren't allowed to help them. The conservationist there said they needed to do this as it was their instinct, but when there were only a few little guys left, some of the guests placed them in the water gently. There were several pelicans in the water diving like mad birds and coming up with what I am sure was beakfuls of little turtles, but I guess this is life. God's way of ensuring that only the string survive. At least they had all of us on the beach, shading them from the perilous seagulls and other turtle-eating creatures!  Hubster wondered at breakfast this morning, "I wonder how my little guy is doing". I responded, "I'm sure Threepeat is just fine". Hubster replied, "No, not little turtle!  LOL. Who would have ever thought Hubster would turn out to be a "turtle whisperer"!!

7.  My ring.  A beautiful, thin band of 18 carat white gold with crusted diamonds across the top. One that I fell in love with the moment I saw it. One which will fit perfectly between my wedding and engagement rings. One which I will cherish because it will always remind me of this most amazing vacation. I considered having it dipped in 24 carat yellow gold to match my other ringds, but i think that none of the white gold will show because of the diamonds.  I worked hard for the extra money that I received before this trip and it feels awesome to be able to spend some of it on me. Just.  Me. :)

8. Parasailing. Although this is something I will never, ever do again, it is something that I am glad I experienced. I couldn't open my eyes For more than five seconds at a time because I was so terrified. I was having trouble breathing and was shaking like a leaf. My mouth was dry and I white knuckled those straps the entire time.  It was horrible. But...I saw Los Cabos from a perspective that you can only get when hanging like a kite from a rope not more than half an inch thick. So, one more thing I can say I've done...and will never do again!!

9. Afternoon siestas in our semi-private palm tree "forest". Every afternoon, we would head down to the little area on the beach that is covered by about thirty mature palm trees. It is away from the hustle and bustle of the pool area and you can hear the waves crashing against the shore. We read here and we had naps here. Anyone who knows me knows that as much as I wish I were, I am not a napper. Even after each of the boys were born and I was tired beyond comprehension, I could never sleep. Here, I can sleep. For an hour or more at a time. The sea breeze, the sun peeking through those protective palm trees swaying gently all made for a very relaxing spot to catch some zzz's. I loved those afternoons. 

10.  The mariachi bands. The threesome that made their way through esch of the restaurants at night, asking if we wanted a romantic song or a traditional song.  The band that consisted of two guitars and a big huge bass. The harmony of those mens' voices took me away. Beautiful, sweet Mexican music that will always be part of this awesome vacation. 

There are many other things I will remember about this special trip. From the food to the locals selling their wares to our fellow guests who all felt like we did. The Riu Palace Cabo San Lucas is like no other. A place where you yearn to come back to because it just feels like home...minus the cold, the stress and the every day responsibilities. A place where you are treated with happy, genuine respect. A place where couples start their married life, enjoy a second honeymoon or spend their fiftieth wedding anniversary. A place that I cannot wait to come back to. 

For now, buenos noches and asta le vista. Grazias Mexico...mucho, mucho grazias!  Pin It

Cabo - Day Eight

Although day eight has just begun, I don't know if I will have a chance to post this again before we get on the plane, so I am posting early.

Cabo - Day Eight

It's 6:51 am and I have been up since 6:17. Hubster's snoring kept me up most of the night and 6:17 was the last straw. I brought pillows and a big towel out to the balcony to try to sleep here, but I am wide awake. The sun is just making its way over the horizon and the birds and singing happily. It's fresh out here, but by no means cold. It is peaceful and the sound of the waves and the pool fountain makes a nice backdrop to the birds' songs.

Im so sad.

As much as I miss the boys, I could easily do another week. I feel like I have just started to really relax and now, I have to go back to the stress of everyday life. I know I should be grateful, and I am, but I just don't want to go home yet.

I am already worrying about the plane ride and the number of emails that are sitting on my laptop at home, waiting for me. We won't be home until about midnight Toronto time, but I will need to have Middleman at soccer by 9:00, only to get back home and do mounds of laundry. Threepeat will have missed me alot and will be attached to me all day. Sigh...

I read a quote once that said "Don't be sad that it's happy that it happened.". I'm a little of both today.

So, we will have our breakfast, pack our bags, shower and be out of our rooms by 10:00 and then the bus will take us to the airport at 11:00. Our flight leaves at 2:30. We are scheduled to arrive in Toronto at 9:50 local time...6:50 Mexican time.

I will never forget this vacation for as long as I live.

So, to take away a little bit of the sting of the end of an amazing week, here is a list of what I look forward to:

- a BIG hug and kiss from my three boys
- a large coffee from Tim cream, two sugar please. I haven't had coffee all's horrible here!
- sleeping in my own bed, snuggled up because it will be cold
- the roast beef dinner that I plan to make tomorrow night. I must admit that although the food has been quite good here, I look forward to my meat and potatoes and some nice fresh veggies!
- watching tv. Hubster and I turned the tv on once this week...everything was Spanish. LOL. I am looking forward to my shows, "Modern Family" and "Come Dine With Me Canada"
- watching Boy Oneder play hockey. I love watching that kid play!
- full time Internet. Not having to go down to the lobby to be able to Facebook. I do love my Internet.

So, there are some things to look forward to. I am glad for that!
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Cabo -Day Seven

Cabo - Day Seven

It's 7:45 am on our last full day here in paradise. Hubster is still in bed, but I am on our balcony, soaking up as much sun as I can. I've been very careful with the sunscreen and have very little colour to show for the glorious weather we have been blessed with, so, today my friends, is a sunscreen-free day...sort of. I plan to spend the morning naked (of sunscreen that is, I will of course be wearing a bathing suit!) and when we come in for lunch, assess the situation before the real strong mid-day sun starts. Oh yeah, it's time for a tan baby!

Just before we left for our trip, I was given some unexpected but deserved money. I told myself that I would use it to buy myself something really nice because usually, extra money means something for the kids. We went into the resort jewellery shop on our first day and I fell in love with a gorgeous diamond ring. I thought about that ring every day. Well, last night, I bought it. It it a very thin band and I plan to wear it between my engagement and wedding bands. This trip has been like a second honeymoon and the ring is the perfect way to remember it that way. The man is having it sized for me and I will pick it up at 4:00 this evening. I can't wait!!!

Today will be a bake in the sun day and then we have reservations at the ala carte Japanese restaurant again. Hubster loved it last time and I was feeling too yucky to really enjoy it, so we are going back for more!

I had to buy another memory card for my camera since I filled the other one to capacity, so I am also hoping to take lots of photos of this beautiful place to share with you all when I get home. I so don't want to go home. I wish it was a two week vacation!

Well, the pool is I go to the sunshine of Los Cabos!

I am sitting by the pool, in the shade. It is SO. Freaking. HOT. True to my word, I went without sunscreen all morning, but have started to burn a wee bit so I put some sunscreen on a few spots and will join Hubster back in the sun in a few minutes.

Hubster and I did the "exercises in the water" that the entertainment team does every day at 11:00. We loved it. Neither of us could keep up with the movements, but we had a lot of fun trying!! We had some lunch and headed right back to the sun to enjoy our last afternoon. On that note, I think I will take a dip in the beautiful pool and then dry off in the heat of the sunshine.

Asta la vista baby!

Nothing like a wardrobe malfunction to ruin the moment. Hubster and I were just getting into the pool when the back of my bikini snapped and the girls burst out with great gusto for the world to see! Praise the Lord that I was in the pool!!! Hubster tried frantically to fix me up enough to get out of the pool, but there was no fixing to be done. That clasp was a goner. I held my top strategically in place as I carefully and discreetly walked over to my lounger and wrapped myself in a towel. I keep telling myself no one saw, but come on...we all know they did! Ugh!

Sitting in la ventana soaking up the sound of the crashing waves and the sound of the entertainment team calling out bingo numbers for the last time before we head home tomorrow. Wishing the end weren't here. :(

After another wonderful dinner at the Japanese restaurant, we sat for a while in the lobby. After a little bit, we headed up to our usual spot in the entertainment area in anticipation of the show which we knew was going to be great. "Grease" or "Vaselina" as Robbie called it was really awesome! They danced to every song from the movie and showed a few clips in between. I loved it and sang my heart out the whole time! At 10:15, we were once again exhausted and headed up to our room, where we both fell asleep almost immediately.

A perfect last day. Pin It

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Cabo - Day Six

Cabo - Day Six

We had a very eventful day here in paradise!  It started out normally with our buffet breakfast, but at 11:15, the shuttle picked us up to take us to the party area of the beach, where we hopped onto a water taxi for the ride out to the middle of the Sea of Cortiz for our parasailing adventure. Not gonna lie...I was terrified.

Our water taxi hooked itself up to the parasailing boat and we shimmied our way up to the bigger boat. While we were boarding the boat, there was already a couple in the air. They were up really, really high. Did I mention in was terrified?  I got to chatting with another lady who was waiting for her turn and she was as scared as me. It was nice to have another chicken on the boat because Hubster and her husband were as excited as schoolboys!

The couple of ladies came down and the. The guy that was with them went up by himself. They were very large people, and that gave me a tiny bit of confidence...if the parasail rope didn't break for them, surely it would hold Hubster and I!!

After the big dude, it was our turn. I was shaking and terrified. The only two parts I enjoyed was the first let go as my feet left the boat and when I realized we were done. I was crapping myself up there. We estimate we were up about 600 feet. Well, Hubster estimates that. I say it was more like 1,000 feet. We became a human kite. Although it was pretty up there, I couldn't relax enough to keep my eyes open for more than ten second at a time. Hubster took a few photos from way up there and the family we met took some from my camera on the boat. Ugh. That's one thing I will never do again!

We took the water taxi back to shore about an hour and a half later and sat in a batter that had swings for THAT was fun!  I had two Coronas (lucky for us it was happy hour and the drinks were two for one) and Hubster had two pina coladas. We then ordered a Baja Sampler, which had hot wings, nachos, enchiladas, calamari and tortillas with cheese inside. Yummy!!!  We sat with our new found friends and the wife and I toasted our survival. Turns out they are here from Calgary for a wedding. 

Before we Knew it, it was 2:30...time for the shuttle back to the resort. When we arrived, we swam in the pool and vegged on loungers until 5:00. Robbie, our flamboyant and flaming entertainment director had told us earlier that we should all meet on the beach at 5:30 for the turtle races. Apparently, turtles are very endangered here. We were set to release 200 tiny baby turtles into the ocean!!  They were the cutest things!  Hubster held one and released it on the beach and we watched for an hour as they scurried down the beach towards the ocean, nearly making it and then a huge wave would come and take a few, but push the majority waaaay back up the beach!  The poor little things!  Then three pelicans showed up and just kept diving for the little turtle popcorns!  I was so sad to see that!  Finally, with about fifty people still watching, the last little guy got washed into the ocean and we all clapped. It was an amazing experience!!  Unfortunately, I am out of memory on my camera, so I only got a few seconds of video and a couple of photos. I will check the gift shop for a memory card tomorrow, and may even trek over to Walmart first thing in the morning. We still have a day and a half and I want to take lots of photos!!

It's 6:42 and both Hubster and I are still stuffed from that awesome authentic Mexian lunch...I think we will shower and head down for a drink before finally making our way to the buffet for a late dinner. 

Tomorrow is already our last day :(. I can't believe a week has passed.  This vacation is (this) close to being as good as our honeymoon. Being able to reconnect with my husband after 15.5 years with kids and 10 years with a live-in mother-in-law has been priceless. We will definitely be doing this once a year, EVERY year.  Pin It

Cabo - Day Five

Cabo - Day Five

It's 2:20 and I just finished reading "The Help". What an UNBELIEVABLE book. It is right up there on the top of my favourite books. So well-written, I just couldn't put it down! Now I'm sad because I am done. I want more!!!

Today has been a veg day. We had a late(ish) breakfast at 9:00 and lazed by the pool til lunchtime. I had lunch (Hubster is finally feeling the effects of four day's of non-stop sunrises (fruity drinks) and is sleeping here beside me under our palm trees. I just watched a beautiful bride marry her groom on the beach...I admit, I cried a little. She is breathtakingly beautiful and her dress was stunning. What a gorgeous place to get married, right on the beach.

Two Carnivals ships sailed in this morning...the Spirit and the Splendor. As much as I am loving this amazing vacation, seeing those ships in the water makes me pine for a cruise. Hubster and I are toying with the idea of going on a cruise with the boys in February instead of Florida...we will see. For now, I will enjoy another Marguerita (kinda done with the mohitos) and relax in the sun. This is becoming a habit...a very, very good habit!!

Tonight, we have reservations at the steakhouse for dinner and then, I presume, we will relax and watch the entertainment again. The shows are really quite good! Tomorrow is parasailing day. Not really looking forward to risking my life, but Hubster wants to do it, so I will, being the most excellent wife that am.

It's 5:47 pm and Hubster and I just enjoyed a half hour couples massage. On the beach. Listening to the crashing waves as the sun just started making its daily retreat. Now anyone who knows me knows how much I love massages i have had hot stone massages, tropical rain massages, reiki massages, but this, my friends, took the cake. (sorry Tamara and Christine) Anyway, we are both as relaxed as can be now, sitting on our balcony, enjoying a glass of the complimentary champagne that the hotel gave us on our first night. The sun is setting and we have the ultimate view of the Carnival Spirit in the ocean in front of us. Boy, I could get used to this.

In half an hour, we will head down for our steakhouse dinner. Life doesn't get much better than this!

The steakhouse dinner was AMAZING! We started out with assorted shellfish on a platter (mussels, shrimp, crab, octopus). Delicious! The, as we were wait for our main (land and sea tenderloin), the couple next to us asked if we wanted to try the fish they had caught themselves on their excursion today. Hell to the yeah we do!! It was DIVINE!!! Two kinds, breaded and cooked up beautifully! We spoke to them a little...they were from Wyoming. Really nice couple. Next we had our main course, which was the most scrumptious piece of fillet mignon with grilled shrimp. Mmmmmm! My dessert was Baked Alaskan and Hubster had triple chocolate cake. Even more delicious!

After dinner, we went over to the entertainment area for a drink and watched the kids paying their games on stage with Riuland. So cute. We then headed upstairs (at about 9:00) for a romantic chat on the balcony, watching the big Carnival ships sail away into the night. Amazing.

I was asleep by 10:30. Another perfect day. Pin It

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Cabo - Day Four

What a great day today!! We had a nice buffet breakfast and then relaxed for a bit before getting ready for our excursion to Cabo San Lucas.

The bus picked us up at 10:40 and drove us to the marina where we boarded a water taxi for a tour around Lover's Beach. The rock formations were unbelievable and the beaches stunning. We sailed around through the canal into the Pacific Ocean, just for a moment, where our captain turned around to bring us back to the beach where we were set to snorkel. The formations he showed us where things like Scooby Doo, a coyote, a pirate and an elephant head. You just have to be here to see the natural beauty. God's handiwork for certain. we even saw a big family of sea lions and when our captain called out to them, they responded! Amazing.

We met Jose, our snorkel guide and got ourselves settled on the beach. Before long, we were putting on our flippers and masks and heading out into the gorgeous Sea of Cortiz. I can't even begin to describe the number of fish we saw under there!! Jose is able to hold his breath for up to four minutes and dove down fifty feet many times to bring up treasures for us to see and touch. First, it was a shell, with whatever the animal was still inside. Next, a baby octopus, which he placed on my hand and I watched it slowly squirm before passing it on to Hubster. I got to touch a starfish and hold it in my hand and also held two different types of blowfish. I was completely amazed and in awe. The thousands of sardines that swam all around us were amazing, as were the vibrant blue, red, yellow, green, orange...every colour of the rainbow fish that we saw down there. Breathtaking.

After an hour, we got out of the water for lunch, which neither Hubster or I ate as it was sitting in the sun for a long time (turkey sandwiches WITH mayo). thanks. LOL! We had the cookies and the chips and the oranges that they packed for us and that kept us tied over until we got back to the resort. Hubster and I walked through and around a couple of the rock formations to Lover's Beach and had a swim and then crossed the wicked hot sand to the other side which our Captain jokingly called "Divorce Beach". It is on the Pacific side (as opposed to the Sea of Cortiz side that Lover's Beach is on) and dipped our toes in, but with the high waves, ended up wet to our knees.

After a few minutes, we pretty much RAN across that blazing hot sand and jumped back into the ocean for one more dip before our water taxi was back to pick us up.

We took the ten minute ride back to the marina, where our bus driver, Daniel, was waiting for us. We were given the option of shopping in the market for an hour or heading back to the hotel. Two other couples decided to stY, but Hubster and I were STARVING and asked to be taken back to the resort. We went straight to the restaurant for lunch and then headed down to our beloved palm trees for our siesta. Hubster siested, but my book on the iPad mysteriously disappeared, so I had to go up to the lobby to re-download it (no wireless on the beach). By the time I got back, he was out cold and I read a few chapters. At 4:00, I took quick dip in the ocean and my bathing suit was so full of sand, I just HAD to shower immediately. Hubster came back upstairs at 5:15 and I headed down here to the ventana for a glass of wine and to Facebook a little.

When Hubster comes down, we will head to the restaurant for a buffet dinner and then at 8:00, we are going to skype with the boys...can't wIt to hear about their trick or treating!! Then, we will head over to the Santa Fe (I know we were supposed to do that last night, but I wasn't feeling well). I hope the Santa Fe has a nightclub...I'm in the mood to dance tonight!!

The buffet dinner was good. We walked over to the Santa Fe and weren't really impressed. It was nice, but louder, busier and younger. The Palace is just right for us old folks!

Wen watched the Halloween show, which was brilliant! There was a costume contest for both kids and adults before the show and we had a few laughs. We headed up to bed at 10:30 and zonked out after a busy day! Pin It
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