Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cabo - Day Two

Last night's entertainment was a lot of fun! Four male guests were vying for the title of Mr. Riu and their competition consisted of four contests: running around a chair five times, doing ten push-ups and drinking two glasses of beer through a straw while in the push up position; posing shirtless in muscle poses; doing a (semi) strip tease for a lady from the audience and then dressing up and lip syncing as a female singer. It was hilarious!

We got into bed at 11:00 (1:00 Canadian time) and slept like babies until 6:40, when we got up to watch the sun rise over the beautiful ocean I feel so well-rested already and it's only our first real day today! I knew I needed this vacation, but living it just proves how badly.

Hubster has decided to walk the five kilometers into San Lucas this morning. It is so freaking hot already and it's only 9:30 am. I wish he had listened to me and taken the phone, a bottle of water and a CAB!!!!! I will worry until he is back. :(

I am settled in a lounger by the pool, typing this post and then going to continue reading "The Help" on my iPad.

Life is really, really good!

Hubster arrived back at the resort safe and sound at about 11:30. Although he enjoyed his little excursion, he said there really wasn't much to see and the prices were really high at the shops. I was just glad he got back in one piece! It was really hot and 10 kms in the sun is a long way!

We swam in the pool and then had some lunch at the buffet. We then took our stuff from the pool area and moved down to the shaded area under the palm trees on the beach. We napped. At about 3:00, we went down to the ocean and let the waves come up on our legs. The waves are so strong, so just wading is all that is safe. It was beautiful, nonetheless.

Back to our loungers we went. We read a little and then we both fell asleep...I can't tell you how tired relaxing makes you! I had set the alarm on my iPad for 4:50 so that we could go to the computer area to Skype with the boys. It was great to see and hear them and know that all is well back home!

We headed up to our room to shower and prepare for dinner. We had made reservations at the Mexican ala carte restaurant for 6:30. We sat outside, right beside the ocean and watched the sun set. It was so romantic! There was a mariachi band who sang at each table and the food was pretty authentic. I had beef fillet with potatoes and I actually tried roasted cactus! It kind of tastes like green pepper. We met a nice older couple from Newmarket who chatted our ears off, but they were very nice.

After dinner, we headed up to the stage was about 8:15. The entertainment doesn't start until 9:30 and after about ten minutes, we decided to go upstairs to change out of our semi-formal clothes.

We got upstairs and decided that we were too tired to go back down. We changed into our jammies and I was OUT COLD by 9:15. Hubster was right behind me. I can't understand why we are so tired! Seriously, we sleep and lounge ALL day. How can we then sleep another full eight hours at night???? Pin It

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