Monday, 31 October 2011

Cabo - Day three

The clocks went back an hour last night. I am typing this note at 7:34 am. Hubster is still sleeping. LOL!

I was awoken by sirens this morning...lots of them. Not sure what's going on out in the world beyond the resort, but the sirens lasted a good half an hour. Oh...there are some more now! Wow.

Once Hubster wakes from his slumber, we will head down for breakfast and then veg by the pool all day agin...LOVE it! We plan to take a walk over to the Santa Fe today (it's right next door) because apparently, that's where the party's at. Tonight, we have reservations at the ala carte Japanese restaurant...really looking forward to that!

At 9:00 this morning, we walked down the beach towards the marina to a little area that was roped off and looked safe for swimming. It was a long walk and because the beach is so steep, we really felt how out of shape we are! But, it was definitely worth the walk, as we were able to spend about half an hour in the gorgeous and oh so warm ocean! The waves are certainly strong and the undertow was like a vacuum, but we enjoyed every second of our swim.

We headed back and had some lunch at the buffet. Another delicious meal! We then sat in the ventana for a little bit while I face booked and Hubster read his book.

The afternoon siesta time beckoned and we headed down to our palm tree for a snooze. I actually didn't sleep today, but Hubster sawed logs for a good couple of hours while I read "The Help" on my iPad.

By 5:00, my head was POUNDING and my lower back was killing me. I left Hubster to finish his drink and I headed up to the room to lie down. I took an Advil and prayed I would feel better for our Japanese dinner. The headache eased up a little bit, but my stomach was killing me and I felt so weak. I took a shower and got dressed, although I would have loved to just stay in bed.

We headed down to the Japanese restaurant at 6:30 and were amazed by the decor. It was so beautiful in there! As we walked in, we were offered a small cup of saki. I refused because I felt awful, but Hubster took one. He didn't like it. I touched it to my lips and didn't like it much either. It tasted like port wine.

We were served a sushi board with two pieces of six different rolls and maki. DELICIOUS! I wish I felt better so that I could truly enjoy it. Next, we chose our starter from a selection of about five options. Because I wasn't feeling well, I ordered tempura so that Hubster could have mine as well as his. He loved it. I tried one piece of shrimp, but the fried batter would have made my stomach worse, so he ate the rest. Next, we had our main...Hubster had chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce and I had shitake salmon. Again, delicious, but I couldn't really enjoy it because of my tummy. Finally, we had dessert....Hubster chose the tempura ice cream while I chose the green tea ice cream with lychee berries. Very, very good! Our waiter was awesome and we left him a nice tip.

My stomach is better now, but I still feel crappy, so I am typing this post from our balcony. It's very warm outside still (it's 8:30) and there is a problem with the air conditioning at the resort. Luckily, there is a ceiling fan in our room and a bit of a breeze, so we can sleep with the screen door open tonight.

Tomorrow, we are going on an excursion that take us to the market, snorkeling and to the famous Lover's Beach. We are really looking forward to that!

So, thats all for tonight! Pin It

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