Monday, 31 October 2011

Cabo - Day three

The clocks went back an hour last night. I am typing this note at 7:34 am. Hubster is still sleeping. LOL!

I was awoken by sirens this morning...lots of them. Not sure what's going on out in the world beyond the resort, but the sirens lasted a good half an hour. Oh...there are some more now! Wow.

Once Hubster wakes from his slumber, we will head down for breakfast and then veg by the pool all day agin...LOVE it! We plan to take a walk over to the Santa Fe today (it's right next door) because apparently, that's where the party's at. Tonight, we have reservations at the ala carte Japanese restaurant...really looking forward to that!

At 9:00 this morning, we walked down the beach towards the marina to a little area that was roped off and looked safe for swimming. It was a long walk and because the beach is so steep, we really felt how out of shape we are! But, it was definitely worth the walk, as we were able to spend about half an hour in the gorgeous and oh so warm ocean! The waves are certainly strong and the undertow was like a vacuum, but we enjoyed every second of our swim.

We headed back and had some lunch at the buffet. Another delicious meal! We then sat in the ventana for a little bit while I face booked and Hubster read his book.

The afternoon siesta time beckoned and we headed down to our palm tree for a snooze. I actually didn't sleep today, but Hubster sawed logs for a good couple of hours while I read "The Help" on my iPad.

By 5:00, my head was POUNDING and my lower back was killing me. I left Hubster to finish his drink and I headed up to the room to lie down. I took an Advil and prayed I would feel better for our Japanese dinner. The headache eased up a little bit, but my stomach was killing me and I felt so weak. I took a shower and got dressed, although I would have loved to just stay in bed.

We headed down to the Japanese restaurant at 6:30 and were amazed by the decor. It was so beautiful in there! As we walked in, we were offered a small cup of saki. I refused because I felt awful, but Hubster took one. He didn't like it. I touched it to my lips and didn't like it much either. It tasted like port wine.

We were served a sushi board with two pieces of six different rolls and maki. DELICIOUS! I wish I felt better so that I could truly enjoy it. Next, we chose our starter from a selection of about five options. Because I wasn't feeling well, I ordered tempura so that Hubster could have mine as well as his. He loved it. I tried one piece of shrimp, but the fried batter would have made my stomach worse, so he ate the rest. Next, we had our main...Hubster had chicken skewers with teriyaki sauce and I had shitake salmon. Again, delicious, but I couldn't really enjoy it because of my tummy. Finally, we had dessert....Hubster chose the tempura ice cream while I chose the green tea ice cream with lychee berries. Very, very good! Our waiter was awesome and we left him a nice tip.

My stomach is better now, but I still feel crappy, so I am typing this post from our balcony. It's very warm outside still (it's 8:30) and there is a problem with the air conditioning at the resort. Luckily, there is a ceiling fan in our room and a bit of a breeze, so we can sleep with the screen door open tonight.

Tomorrow, we are going on an excursion that take us to the market, snorkeling and to the famous Lover's Beach. We are really looking forward to that!

So, thats all for tonight! Pin It

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cabo - Day Two

Last night's entertainment was a lot of fun! Four male guests were vying for the title of Mr. Riu and their competition consisted of four contests: running around a chair five times, doing ten push-ups and drinking two glasses of beer through a straw while in the push up position; posing shirtless in muscle poses; doing a (semi) strip tease for a lady from the audience and then dressing up and lip syncing as a female singer. It was hilarious!

We got into bed at 11:00 (1:00 Canadian time) and slept like babies until 6:40, when we got up to watch the sun rise over the beautiful ocean I feel so well-rested already and it's only our first real day today! I knew I needed this vacation, but living it just proves how badly.

Hubster has decided to walk the five kilometers into San Lucas this morning. It is so freaking hot already and it's only 9:30 am. I wish he had listened to me and taken the phone, a bottle of water and a CAB!!!!! I will worry until he is back. :(

I am settled in a lounger by the pool, typing this post and then going to continue reading "The Help" on my iPad.

Life is really, really good!

Hubster arrived back at the resort safe and sound at about 11:30. Although he enjoyed his little excursion, he said there really wasn't much to see and the prices were really high at the shops. I was just glad he got back in one piece! It was really hot and 10 kms in the sun is a long way!

We swam in the pool and then had some lunch at the buffet. We then took our stuff from the pool area and moved down to the shaded area under the palm trees on the beach. We napped. At about 3:00, we went down to the ocean and let the waves come up on our legs. The waves are so strong, so just wading is all that is safe. It was beautiful, nonetheless.

Back to our loungers we went. We read a little and then we both fell asleep...I can't tell you how tired relaxing makes you! I had set the alarm on my iPad for 4:50 so that we could go to the computer area to Skype with the boys. It was great to see and hear them and know that all is well back home!

We headed up to our room to shower and prepare for dinner. We had made reservations at the Mexican ala carte restaurant for 6:30. We sat outside, right beside the ocean and watched the sun set. It was so romantic! There was a mariachi band who sang at each table and the food was pretty authentic. I had beef fillet with potatoes and I actually tried roasted cactus! It kind of tastes like green pepper. We met a nice older couple from Newmarket who chatted our ears off, but they were very nice.

After dinner, we headed up to the stage was about 8:15. The entertainment doesn't start until 9:30 and after about ten minutes, we decided to go upstairs to change out of our semi-formal clothes.

We got upstairs and decided that we were too tired to go back down. We changed into our jammies and I was OUT COLD by 9:15. Hubster was right behind me. I can't understand why we are so tired! Seriously, we sleep and lounge ALL day. How can we then sleep another full eight hours at night???? Pin It

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Los Cabos...Day One

Hubster and I left the house just after 3:00 am for the airport. We made the obligatory Timmy's stop and then were on our way to the long stay parking garage. We parked and took the LRT to terminal 1. It was freezing outside...literally...the thermometer in the Jeep read a big fat zero degrees. We made our way to the Sunwing check-in counter and waited with what seemed like a MILLION other cattle to check in. After about an hour, we were on our way through to our gate. We stopped at Duty Free and I got myself a pair of snazzy sunglasses and then sat down in the boarding area, which luckily, was right in front of the Duty Free. I was pleased that we wouldn't have to walk all through the airport to our gate! I was surprised that the security was a simple walk through and x ray of our luggage, unlike last time we travelled with the kids and were completely violated with the security checks!

I face booked and was surprisingly calm. I am a baaaaad flier people. But without the kids there, I was much calmer about it. We boarded and were in the last row of the plane...row 32. Next to the washrooms. Nice.

I was so completely exhausted, having only had about three hours' sleep and so, after taking my trusty Ativan, I was quite content. I dozed on and off for the first couple of hours and then read my magazine for a bit. We were served French toast and warm apples for breakfast and suffered through just a few areas of turbulence in an otherwise perfect flight. We left at 6:30 am and arrived at San Jose Airport at 10:00 am local time (12:00 Toronto time). We went straight through customs to the Sunwing representative with our bus and hopped in for our half an hour or so bus ride to Riu Palace. We stopped at Barcelo and Riu Santa Fe to drop off a few others, but were at our hotel in pretty good time. I'd say we walked off the bus at about 11:30. We were served a welcome rum punch drink and were checked in and in our room within 15 minutes. Awesome!

We unpacked real quick, threw on some shorts and went down for a beautiful buffet lunch. We then sat in the area where we could connect wirelessly on my iPad and we chatted quickly with Boy Oneder on MSN, while having a few fruity drinks Then, we changed into our bathing suits and headed down to the beach, where we lazed and slept on a beach lounger all afternoon. At 5:30, I woke up Hubster from his long nap and we headed upstairs to shower, which is where we are right now. I am about to video tape a tour of our room and put on my makeup so we can head downstairs for our buffer dinner. We plan to make reservations tomorrow for the sushi or steakhouse restaurants for tomorrow night.

We are looking forward to what tonight's entertainment has in store. So far, we are THRILLED with the choice of Los Cabos! Pin It

Monday, 24 October 2011


Well, actually, three and a half if you want to get technical...

Hubster and I are off to Los Cabos, ALL BY OURSELVES!!!!! No kids, no MIL, no work, no responsibilites!

We have to be at the airport at 2:30 AM on Friday (eeeww!) hence the 3.5 sleeps comment.

We are staying in a GORGEOUS 5-star hotel and I cannot WAIT to get there and relax like nobody's business! I have stocked up my Ipad with a few books and bought myself a few little things to wear while I am there, so I am ALLLLLL set!

Now, if I could just magically appear there and not have to fly for 5.5 hours, I would feel much better, but unforch, it looks like flying is the only option. (bites nails) Pin It

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Mysterious Shiner

Threepeat went to bed on Sunday night happy, healthy and with two perfectly perfect eyes.

When he woke up the next morning, this is what he looked like:

He says he hit his eye on his bedrail. No tears, no waking me up, NOTHING.

Weird, no?

He's much better this morning and it isn't as swollen as it was yesterday.

Who knew going to bed was so perilous!! Poor dude. Pin It

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Thanksgiving Day

This weekend is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada. A weekend to spend time with the ones you love, being thankful and eating until you can't eat another bite!

Our first feast is tomorrow at my Mum's house with Mark, Patricia and their clan of 6. Mum is making roast beef so that poor M & P don't get turkey overload (they have FOUR family Thanksgiving dinners to attend). On Monday, I will be cooking my world famous roast turkey for Mum, MIL and my four boys. The dinner will consist of delicious roast turkey, stuffing, sausage meat, Yorkshire puddings, carrots, broccoli, peas and gravy. Dessert will be homemade apple cake, English Trifle (courtesy of Mum) and a strawberry mango pie from Al Ferri's apple farm. The wine, of course, will be flowing freely, as it always does on our special occasions. I cannot WAIT!

This year, our newest family member, Milo, will be attending. He is the cutest, most amazingly intelligent little Cavalier King Charles Spaniel you ever did meet. He is 10 weeks old and we have all fallen in love with him. How could we not:

He is Mum's new "son" "brother" and the boys jokingly call him, "Uncle Milo". LOL! Mum bought him as a retirement gift to herself. She retired on September 30th and I think she made an excellent decision with this little man. He is just what the doctor ordered! :)

I will probably do another post today with all of things I am thankful for. Right now, I feel so blessed with all the love I feel for my friends and family. So much to be thankful for...I don't want it to be a drive-by post...I want to think it out a little.

Happy Thanksgiving Day everyone! I hope your hearts are full of love and your bellies are full of good food! Pin It

Wednesday, 5 October 2011


I got a VERY important, URGENT email today. I almost responded, but decided not to at the last minute. Phew...these emails are SO realistic and believable....I'm glad I didn't get sucked in. (rolls eyes)

From Mr Salif Boubacar,
Accounting and auditing department
Africa Development Bank(A.D.B)
Ouagadougou, Burkina-Faso.

This mail might come to you as a surprise and the temptation to ignore it as unserious could come into your mind but please consider it a divine wish and accept it with a deep sense of humility.
I am Mr Salif Boubacar, the manager in charge of Accounting and auditing department of Africa Development Bank (A.D.B) with due respect and Regard, I have decided to contact you on a business transaction that will be very beneficial to both of us at the end of the transaction.
During our investigation and auditing in this Bank, my department came across a very huge sum of money belonging to one of our deceased customer who died on Feb 29th 2000 of a ghastly motor accident and the fund has been dormant in his account with this bank without any claim of the fund in our Custody either from his family or relation before our discovery to this development. Although personally,
And keep this information secret to enable the whole plans and idea be Profitable and successful during the time of execution, the amount is Saven million Three hundred thousand United States dollars (US$7.3 M), as it may interest you to know,
I contacted you to be my partner and person to be reliable and capable to champion a business of such magnitude without any problem. So we can commence all arrangements and I will give you more information on how we would handle this project. And also note that you will have 40% of the above mentioned sum if you agree to handle this business with me. And 60% for me.
Please treat this business with utmost confidentiality and send me the
1)Your full name.
2)Phone, fax and mobile.
3)Company name, position and address.
4)Profession, age and marital status.

Best Regards
Mr Salif Boubacar.
Pin It

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My new addiction...

Tim Horton's mixed berry bagel, toasted with cream cheese.


I wanted to take a photo of my bagel this morning in all its glory, but I ate it before I could get the camera.

Nom, nom, nom..... Pin It
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