Friday, 23 September 2011

The last hurrah...

Middleman's last soccer tournament of the season is this weekend. I love watching that boy play soccer. He really is awesome.

His first game is at 8:15 (YIKES!) tomorrow morning. Luckily, the field is only 5 minutes from our house, but still...he has to be at the field by 7:00...that's gonna hurt!!

He plays again at noon and then 3:45. If they make it through, the semi-finals are at 8:15 on Sunday and then the finals are at noon. We then plan to go apple picking and over to Grandma's for a nice roast dinner. Mmmmm!!

This week has been a crazy one is beyond stressful and I am working many hours with clients. It's been tough. Next week won't be much different. So much to do. :( Next weekend though, we are heading down to Pennsylvania for a shopping spree. The kids need winter clothes (coats and boots too) and I need some new threads myself, so we are heading to Grove City to spend!

Threepeat started skating lessons last night...he's so cute. He was so excited about it. This year, he is on the ice for a full hour as opposed to just half an hour like last year, so needless to say, after a full day at school and an hour on the ice, he was POOPED!

Boy Oneder hasn't had a hockey game yet, but practices are in full swing. He is loving grade 10 now that he's no longer one of the nifty-niners. He's so tall (5'9") and wears a size TEN shoe. Gulp! He's growing into a handsome young man and I am so very proud of him.

Middleman is excelling in grade seven. He is naturally smart and really doesn't have to put a lot of effort into anything to get high marks (certainly didn't get that from ME!) and is on the school's cross country team!

Threepeat loves JK and continues to go to preschool on the alternate days. Five days a week of school/preschool is wiping him out and he is going to bed (in his own bed EVERY night) much earlier and easier!

This past week has been a bad one stress-wise for me. I barely kept it together over the weekend and had a complete meltdown on Sunday night. Sobbing like a mad woman...everything just got to me and I had to release it all. As the week has progressed, I am still stressed, but feeling much better. Looking forward to quieter day. :) Pin It

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