Monday, 29 August 2011

One more week...

How can this possibly BE? The boys go to school next Tuesday, but summer JUST began, didn't it?

I am so sad, happy, scared, excited, worried and thrilled all at once!

Sad that the lazy, non-routine days of summer are gone; happy that the kids will get their brains functioning again; scared because I want the boys to be happy and excel and because it's Threepeat's first year in "big boy school"; excited because it's a year full of new beginnings for all of the boys in grade 10, grade 6 and JK; worried because that's what I do best; and thrilled because I know how excited I was when I was a kid about the first day of school.

I will miss the soccer games, the hanging out with the neighbs, the long evenings, the long days and the warmth of the sun on my face and body. I'll miss the sunkissed, healthy glow of a suntan and I will miss being outside more than we are inside. I dread the snow, the cold and the OH so long winter ahead. I dread the nights of cabin fever when there's nothing to do. I dread the hibernation that occurs with all the neighbs all winter long.


I look forward to hockey games, indoor soccer games, apple picking, Christmas...oh and I certainly look forward to the trip to Cabo San Lucas that Hubster and I are taking in October!

And speaking of is going to be WONDERFUL. Hubster and I never get any If the kids are out, MIL is home...she rarely goes out. She lives "with" separate quarters, so she is literally WITH us almost 24/7. I love her to death, but it wears on a marriage when there is no time to be alone as a couple. But it is what it is and this vacation is just what the doctor ordered for Hubster and I...we NEED this time away. So, that is something I really look forward to...renewing our relationship again. :) My Mom will be coming to spend the week to help out with the boys. I think she's looking forward to that.

Here's hoping that fall is warm and wonderful and that winter is short and mild...and that before we know it, it will be springtime again! Pin It

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