Tuesday, 16 August 2011

No more babies...

I held off posting this because I didn't want to jinx myself, but, it's been over a week and I think it's safe to announce to the world that...


Threepeat has been sleeping in his own big boy bed (in his own room with Middleman) every night!!! This was the last baby milestone to be passed. Diapers and pacifiers and bottles are long gone.

We are very much a child-led family and each of our boys have done things at their own pace (with a little encouragement from us, but no pushing, no threatening, no pressure). So far, that philosophy of parenting has paid off BIG time for us!

Each night, when we tuck Threepeat in, I remind him that he is doing a great job of sleeping in his big boy bed. I reconfirm that if he looks at the window and sees light, he can come in to our bed for a cuddle, but if it's still dark, he has to go back to sleep. One night, he had a bad dream and called me. I went in, comforted him and retucked him and he slept til 8:00.


We loved every moment of our family bed experience with our three boys, but it is such a good feeling to have our big king-sized bed back to ourselves!

Yay for Threepeat and yay for NO MORE BABIES!
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