Monday, 8 August 2011

Mid-summer vacation week

I have another vacation week this week, and I am excited about our plans!

Sadly, Hubster has to work because he only started at his job in May and hasn't accrued enough vacation days yet, but he and I plan to go on a trip in October to celebrate his birthday, so don't feel *too* sorry for him this week! ;o) My Mom took the week off as well, so we will have company. :o)

Today is errand day...

  • renew my licence

  • take passport photos

  • buy Boy Oneder's school uniform

  • doctor appointment for Middleman and Threepeat. Poor Threepeat as to have two needles (MMR booster and the chicken pox vaccine)

  • make dinner

  • go to either Boy Oneder's hockey game or Middlman's soccer game (they both play at the same time)

Tomorrow, weather permitting, is Marineland day. Boy Oneder and Middleman don't really want to come, so I may drop them off at Canada's Wonderland and just take Threepeat with Mom and I.

Wednesday is a Mom and I day...not sure if we'll go shopping or to a spa, but it will be just for us.

Thursday is Bingemans day. We saw the website and all of the kids are excited about it, so hat will be fun. The good thing is that even if it rains, there is plenty to do indoors!

Friday is beach day. We plan to head up to Wasaga Beach for the day. That will be a great way to end a week of busy-ness!

So, that's our week in a nutshell! I am sure we will spend more money being at home than if we had gone on a vacation somewhere, but we will have a blast and money is meant to be spent! ;o)

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1 comment:

mapsgirl said...

Sounds like a great week!!

You'll love Bingemans! We've been there for the indoor stuff and it's lots of fun. We wanted to go this summer, but we got too busy :( I can't wait to hear how the outdoor stuff is.

And thanks for the reminder. I need to get my new sticker for my car (b-day is in a few weeks!)

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