Sunday, 28 August 2011

All babied out!

I never thought the day would come when I would go to a baby shower and hold little, pink, frilly, cherubic, sweet-smelling baby girls and walk away not wanting one of my own.

Threepeat has truly completed me and I have not an OUNCE of yearning for another baby...even if you guaranteed me a healthy girl. I am so done. Done, done DONE!

Hubster's cousin had her shower today for her 2 month old schmoopy, Isabella. She is SO cute with TONS of jet black hair. She looks like a little eskimo baby! I didn't get the chance to hold her, but I did hold her two cousins, Lauren and Aviana. Lauren is 5.5 months old and nearly bald. She has the most beautiful blue eyes like her stunning Mommy and was the sweetest thing. She smiled at me big and wide and I loved having her in my arms. Aviana has the same jet black mop as Isabella, except she has bangs!! She is 3 months old and she slept peacefully in my arms while I ooohed and ahhhed at her. Nino, another of Hubster's little baby second cousins was there too. He is a little dolly as well. Finally, there was a TWO WEEK old little angel there too. She was on the other side of the family, so I only got to look at her and gush to her Nanna as to how gorgeous she was. She had the same mop of jet black fact, I think she had more hair than any of those cuties!

I do love me some baby-loving....but it is SO nice to hand them back to their Mommas when I've had enough! :) Pin It

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