Monday, 29 August 2011

One more week...

How can this possibly BE? The boys go to school next Tuesday, but summer JUST began, didn't it?

I am so sad, happy, scared, excited, worried and thrilled all at once!

Sad that the lazy, non-routine days of summer are gone; happy that the kids will get their brains functioning again; scared because I want the boys to be happy and excel and because it's Threepeat's first year in "big boy school"; excited because it's a year full of new beginnings for all of the boys in grade 10, grade 6 and JK; worried because that's what I do best; and thrilled because I know how excited I was when I was a kid about the first day of school.

I will miss the soccer games, the hanging out with the neighbs, the long evenings, the long days and the warmth of the sun on my face and body. I'll miss the sunkissed, healthy glow of a suntan and I will miss being outside more than we are inside. I dread the snow, the cold and the OH so long winter ahead. I dread the nights of cabin fever when there's nothing to do. I dread the hibernation that occurs with all the neighbs all winter long.


I look forward to hockey games, indoor soccer games, apple picking, Christmas...oh and I certainly look forward to the trip to Cabo San Lucas that Hubster and I are taking in October!

And speaking of is going to be WONDERFUL. Hubster and I never get any If the kids are out, MIL is home...she rarely goes out. She lives "with" separate quarters, so she is literally WITH us almost 24/7. I love her to death, but it wears on a marriage when there is no time to be alone as a couple. But it is what it is and this vacation is just what the doctor ordered for Hubster and I...we NEED this time away. So, that is something I really look forward to...renewing our relationship again. :) My Mom will be coming to spend the week to help out with the boys. I think she's looking forward to that.

Here's hoping that fall is warm and wonderful and that winter is short and mild...and that before we know it, it will be springtime again! Pin It

Sunday, 28 August 2011

All babied out!

I never thought the day would come when I would go to a baby shower and hold little, pink, frilly, cherubic, sweet-smelling baby girls and walk away not wanting one of my own.

Threepeat has truly completed me and I have not an OUNCE of yearning for another baby...even if you guaranteed me a healthy girl. I am so done. Done, done DONE!

Hubster's cousin had her shower today for her 2 month old schmoopy, Isabella. She is SO cute with TONS of jet black hair. She looks like a little eskimo baby! I didn't get the chance to hold her, but I did hold her two cousins, Lauren and Aviana. Lauren is 5.5 months old and nearly bald. She has the most beautiful blue eyes like her stunning Mommy and was the sweetest thing. She smiled at me big and wide and I loved having her in my arms. Aviana has the same jet black mop as Isabella, except she has bangs!! She is 3 months old and she slept peacefully in my arms while I ooohed and ahhhed at her. Nino, another of Hubster's little baby second cousins was there too. He is a little dolly as well. Finally, there was a TWO WEEK old little angel there too. She was on the other side of the family, so I only got to look at her and gush to her Nanna as to how gorgeous she was. She had the same mop of jet black fact, I think she had more hair than any of those cuties!

I do love me some baby-loving....but it is SO nice to hand them back to their Mommas when I've had enough! :) Pin It

Friday, 26 August 2011

The loves of my life...

In the Jeep:


Enjoying treats at Dairy Queen:

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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Change of heart

This past few days have been an epiphany for me, kind of.

Friday ended a week that was depressing, frustrating, disappointing, infuriating and just plain yucky. I hated the world. Add to the mix that I was PMS'ing like nobody's business and man oh man, you had a bad situation.

But over the weekend, something happened. I'm not even sure what, because it wasn't like "DING!" and everything got better. But on Tuesday, I just felt different. I felt positive and happy. I felt content. Most of all, I was not angry. I think I have accepted me for me. I have accepted my fate, accepted what God has in store for me, whether I think I agree with Him or not and in doing so, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my inner thoughts and in the way I treat others.

The one thing that I CONSCIOUSLY did this weekend was decide that I can't change the world. I can't make people like me. I can't make people agree with me. What I CAN do is accept the fact that I can't change things. And what a difference it has made. I have started to look at what I have and appreciate it more instead of wishing for more or for something different. I have begun to see the abundant blessings in my life. I have made the conscious decision not to let the negative stuff bother me anymore. I now realize how sick I was making myself. Not eating, not sleeping, being angry all the time. Eventually, that way of living would end up killing me.

So, I have changed my train of thought and I am better for it! Let's hope this is something that will remain!
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Monday, 22 August 2011

Random Fly By...

  • Cirque du Soleil Totem is AMAZING! Hubster, the boys and I took MIL and my Mum to see this show for their birthdays yesterday and everyone LOVED it. Threepeat was MEZMERIZED the entire time. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!

  • There are some very angry, sad people in the world. Today, a guy who was jibber-jabbering on his cellphone nearly hit me in the local plaza parking lot. He spun around in his car and followed me to the Timmy's drive-thru, where he pulled up to the "escape" lane and reemed me out. I have never seen or heard such hatred and disgusting language in my 42 years. He said evil, sick things and really upset me. Considering that the close call we had was truly his fault, I am appalled and saddened for him. Considering the one sentence that struck me was, "I hope your husband abuses the f*%^ing s&%t out of you every day because if you were my wife, I'd kick the s&%t out of you 24/7!", I am frightened for his wife, if he has one. Clearly, he took out his anger over other things on me, but I feel sick to think of what his family has to deal with.

  • Boy Oneder's 4-on-4 ho0ckey is done and Threepeat's soccer is done. Middleman is playing his last regular game of the season as I type this. We have the London tournament and a local tournament in September and then that's it for him. I can't believe summer is over. So for the next few weeks, we have a bit of a reprieve in the chaos that is our lives. In late September, Threepeat will begin indoor soccer and skating lessons, Middleman will continue with his outdoor practices until Mother Nature decides to make it too cold, at which time, he will begin his indoor league and continue indoor practices. Boy Oneder will begin his winter select hockey season in late September as well.

  • Speaking of summer being over, school starts two weeks from tomorrow. My baby will start junior kindergarten. Middleman will start grade 7 and Boy Oneder will start grade 10. Where DOES the freaking time go??? Threepeat will be in JK on Mondays, Wednesdays and alternate Fridays from 8:30 to 3:00 and will be in his preschool/daycare on Tuesdays, Thursdays and alternate Fridays from 8:30 to 4:30, so, he is a full-time student. Hubster and I decided to keep him in the preschool on the alternate days because he THRIVES on school days. He LOVES school and all they do there.

  • Hell's Kitchen is in full swing and once again, I am totally addicted. I heart Chef Ramsay.

  • Mum got a clean bill of health after her cancer scare last year. Never underestimate the power of prayer.

  • Hubster and I booked a trip to Cabo San Lucas on Friday. We leave on October 28th and return on November 4th...just he and paradise. The Riu Palace Los Cabos will be our hotel for the week. Neither of us can wait!

  • RIP Jack Layton :o(

  • We Be Jump'n is thriving! We've had a faboo season!!

  • We had a GREAT visit with Mark, Patricia and the clan on Saturday. I cannot BELIEVE how my girlies are growing and how much Patricia's kids are just like my own. I am thankful every day that Mark met Patricia...she is such a wonderful human being and I am blessed to know her. <3

So, there you have it...our life in a nutshell!!

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Happy Birthday to...


42 years old today.

That's old.


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Tuesday, 16 August 2011

No more babies...

I held off posting this because I didn't want to jinx myself, but, it's been over a week and I think it's safe to announce to the world that...


Threepeat has been sleeping in his own big boy bed (in his own room with Middleman) every night!!! This was the last baby milestone to be passed. Diapers and pacifiers and bottles are long gone.

We are very much a child-led family and each of our boys have done things at their own pace (with a little encouragement from us, but no pushing, no threatening, no pressure). So far, that philosophy of parenting has paid off BIG time for us!

Each night, when we tuck Threepeat in, I remind him that he is doing a great job of sleeping in his big boy bed. I reconfirm that if he looks at the window and sees light, he can come in to our bed for a cuddle, but if it's still dark, he has to go back to sleep. One night, he had a bad dream and called me. I went in, comforted him and retucked him and he slept til 8:00.


We loved every moment of our family bed experience with our three boys, but it is such a good feeling to have our big king-sized bed back to ourselves!

Yay for Threepeat and yay for NO MORE BABIES!
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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Back to reality once again...

My final week of summer vacation has come to an end and it's back to work tomorrow. :(

I had a FABULOUS week with my boys, but I must admit, I am EXAHUSTED. Hockey, soccer, Marineland, Bingemans, hockey, soccer, errands, hockey, soccer, soccer, hot tub, park, soccer.........ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tomorrow is back to work day. Can't say I am fact, can't say I am happy. But I am blessed to be employed by a GREAT company...right?

I love my job, I love my job, I love my job..... Pin It

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Everyone Looooooveeeeessssss......


The boys, my Mum and I spent the day at Marineland today. It was the PERFECT day weatherwise, not too hot and not too cold and sunny and just perfect.

The kids rode some rides, we had a home-packed picnic lunch, fed the deer and the bears and watched the sea lion and dolphin show. It was a GREAT day!

We drove along the Niagara Parkway and bought some beautiful fresh peaches and cherries...DIRT cheap and DEEEEEEELICIOUS! We then stopped at Swiss Chalet for a dinner and headed home. By the grace of God, Threepeat stayed awake all the way home, after no nap and a BUSY day. Thank God for the van's DVD player and Monsters Inc!!

Another great day, but I am seriously kidded out. Tomorrow, Threepeat is back at preschool and Middleman and Boy Oneder are going paintballing in Toronto...the Kitchener one is closed tomorrow.

Phew...where's my wine? Pin It

Tuesday, 9 August 2011


That is the short

Bingemans is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

Threepeat, Middleman, Boy Oneder, Grandma and I headed out at 10:30 this morning to Bingemans in Kitchener. The drive was not so bad at one hour and 15 minutes. The entire drive was rain, rain, rain. It was still pouring when we parked at Bingemans. We started out with the passes. We knew that Boy Oneder and Middleman wanted to go paintballing, but wanted to see if the rain would go away. We also knew that Threepeat would be spending his day in the indoor playground. So, we opted for an all-day pass for Threepeat, which included unlimited use of the 25,000 square foot indoor playground and the indoor glow-in-the-dark mini-golf. Threepeat's pass was $8.95. Yes, you read that correctly...EIGHT DOLLARS AND NINETY-FIVE CENTS. Middleman and Boy Oneder got a mini-golf pass each for $5.00.

We headed over to the massive indoor play structure first. Middleman and Boy Oneder could not help themselves and although we didn't pay for them to play, five minutes after we arrived, they had their shoes off and were playing with Threepeat on the third tier of the structure. Ball pits, shooting balls, slides, climbers, ropes and hanging sliders don't begin to explain how much stuff there was to do here. It was AMAZING. Mum and I were loving every second of it from our comfy bench in the gated playground.

At noon, I called the boys out for lunch. Boy Oneder had a cheeseburger and fries, Middleman and Grandma had pizza, Threepeat had a hot dog and fries and I had poutine. DEEEEELISH!!!!!!!!!!!! After they wolfed their food down, it was time for the older boys to go to paintballing. Flag Raiders was adjacent to the Bingemans property and within walking distance, but because it was still raining, I drove to the next driveway. Grandma stayed with Threepeat while I settled Boy Oneder and Middleman. I bought them the half day pass at $27.95. The price included 100 paint balls, the gun rental, helmet/goggles and all the games they could play. I told the girl to run us a tab in case they wanted a drink or more paintballs, watched them walk to the play area and headed back to Grandma and Threepeat.

I found them in the indoor playground, Grandma smiling as she watched Threepeat running to and fro. The weather was clearing up and I began to think what an idiot I was for not bringing the boys' bathing suits because we would now miss out on the water park, which rivalled Canada's Wonderland for that a word? Anyway, at 3:30 (4 hours after we arrived), Threepeat was EXHAUSTED and cranky, so it was time to go. Boy Oneder had called about 10 minutes earlier to say they were starting another game, so the timing was perfect. Threepeat played a few arcade games and we headed over to pick up the older boys.

At the end of the day, three hours later, I had a tab of $70, which included 2 cokes, rental of the boys' jackets, 500 paintballs and 4 bottles of water. Awesome deal.

Middleman had a nice welt on his back and Boy Oneder had two sweet ones one his legs, but they were PUMPED. They LOVED it. There were nine maps and they said it was like playing Call of Duty in real life. They asked to play some more, but Threepeat was on the verge of a meltdown, so I had to tell them no.

On the way home, we all decided that we are going back on Friday. The boys will play paintball while Grandma, Threepeat and I head to the waterpark. The older boys might have a few rounds on the go-karts, which were closed today because of the weather.

If you live anywhere near the GTA, you MUST head out to Bingemans. This place has SO much bang for the buck and is soooo much fun.

I swear, they did not ask me to post this review...I just did cuz it was so awesome!!! Thank you Bingemans for a GREAT day at a GREAT price!!! See you Friday!!!! Pin It

Monday, 8 August 2011

Mid-summer vacation week

I have another vacation week this week, and I am excited about our plans!

Sadly, Hubster has to work because he only started at his job in May and hasn't accrued enough vacation days yet, but he and I plan to go on a trip in October to celebrate his birthday, so don't feel *too* sorry for him this week! ;o) My Mom took the week off as well, so we will have company. :o)

Today is errand day...

  • renew my licence

  • take passport photos

  • buy Boy Oneder's school uniform

  • doctor appointment for Middleman and Threepeat. Poor Threepeat as to have two needles (MMR booster and the chicken pox vaccine)

  • make dinner

  • go to either Boy Oneder's hockey game or Middlman's soccer game (they both play at the same time)

Tomorrow, weather permitting, is Marineland day. Boy Oneder and Middleman don't really want to come, so I may drop them off at Canada's Wonderland and just take Threepeat with Mom and I.

Wednesday is a Mom and I day...not sure if we'll go shopping or to a spa, but it will be just for us.

Thursday is Bingemans day. We saw the website and all of the kids are excited about it, so hat will be fun. The good thing is that even if it rains, there is plenty to do indoors!

Friday is beach day. We plan to head up to Wasaga Beach for the day. That will be a great way to end a week of busy-ness!

So, that's our week in a nutshell! I am sure we will spend more money being at home than if we had gone on a vacation somewhere, but we will have a blast and money is meant to be spent! ;o)

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011


I have something I need to blog out, but I can't find the right way to type it yet.

I am disappointed, angry, disgusted, frustrated....etc. etc....but I am trying not to be judgemental. So, my post will have to wait until I can see clearly enough to be respectful in what I say.

Until then, enjoy a photo of Middleman and of my all-time favourite photos....EVER.

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