Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Soccer and Kindergarten...

Where did my baby go?

Threepeat started soccer last night.

Imagine 14 four year olds running amok on the soccer field, with Hubster trying to keep some control over them. There were kids running with the ball in their arms, kids trying to score on other fields, kids having tantrums in the middle of the field because the other team (or one of their own players) took the ball away, mothers running up and down the field holding their child's hand. It was BEDLAM. And FUNNY? OMG...hilarious!

After about five minutes, Hubster realized that resistance was futile and just let them run like wild animals. The parents were in hysterics and a good time was had by all (well most)!

This morning, I took Threepeat for his JK orientation. He sat with a teacher for an assessment while I spoke with another teacher about him. After 10 minutes, the teacher tells me he needs speech therapy. WHAT?! Threepeat speaks like an adult!!! He has NO issues with ANY sounds. So, I asked her what led her to this assumption. She responded that he was quiet and only answered a few of her questions. I held back my anger and told her that he had JUST met her and was probably nervous or shy. She pushed again for me to complete the speech therapy request form and I politely told her thanks, but no thanks.

You see, I was told the same thing about Middleman when he was at his JK Orientation. He did have some issues with certain sounds and after taking him for a hearing test, the audiologist AND our family doctor told us there was nothing wrong with him. Today, Middleman speaks perfectly.

There HAS to be some kind of kick back for the teachers if they get kids into therapy. Why on EARTH would she say that Threepeat has speech issues? Gimme a BREAK!!!

Anyway, he is looking forward to "Big Boy School" in September. He even got to see Middleman in the hallway!

Where did my littlest one go? My boys are all growed up! (sniffle) Pin It

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mapsgirl said...

I think it's good that the teachers are trying to do what is best for their students.

I'm thinking that my little peanut might need some speech therapy and am curious as to what the teachers will say.

Interesting that you have JK orientation already. We do it the first few weeks of school (gradual entry).

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