Wednesday, 20 April 2011

My big boy is sick....

Only one day into being 4 years old and Threepeat is sick. It all began at about 5:00 yesterday. He was whiny, miserable and ornery. He also kept complaining about having a "tummy egg". I figured it was because he didn't nap, so sent him (complaining all the way) with Hubster to drop off Middleman at soccer practice. I figured a quick catnap would suffice until bedtime.

But, half an hour later, Hubster and Threepeat arrived home and announced that no nap was had. Sigh.

He sat on my lap and I instantly knew that he had a fever. I reached for my handy dandy ear thermometer and sure enough, the reading was 101.6. Ugh.

I had no Advil in the house and the dose for Tylenol is THREE EFFING PILLS...who makes these pills anyway? Can't they put all the potency into one pill??!! Argh. Luckily, my fab neighbs gave me a few childrens' Advil to get us through the night. I gave him the 1.5 pill dosage.

Threepeat hadn't had supper, so he asked for his veal on a bun and ate almost a whole Italian bun with his fairly large helping of veal parmesan. He seemed OK once he had eaten and the meds had kicked in, but continued to complain of "tummy egg".

Being only night two of no choochies, it took him FOREVER to fall asleep. I gave him a dose of Tylenol at about 10:15 because he was really hot (man I love that we can alternate those two wonder drugs!!) and he fell asleep soon after. He was snoring like a banshee, so I went to sleep in Middleman's room and left Hubster with a beach towel on the bed to catch any vomit should Threepeat's "tummy egg" turn into vomitting.

Sure enough, the first puke session began at 11:00. Hubster had fallen asleep and so Threepeat puked ALL over our bed. All Hubster did was lie there, look at Threepeat and call, "Dawn....Dawn....Dawn!" I came running in and saw the aftermath. Ugh. Holding my breath, I grabbed my little man and ran him to the washroom where he finished puking. Ugh. He was covered, I was covered, the bed was covered and the floor had drops of puke all over it. Hubster remained unscathed and clean. Ugh. Ugh. Ugh.

I laid my little Threepeat on the floor, wrapped in my comforter while Hubster and I changed the bedsheets and I scrubbed the soaked mattress with disinfectant. Ugh. In the five minutes it took us to clean up, Threepeat was SOUND asleep, all wrapped up in our comforter on the floor. When Hubster picked him up, he was delirious..."Where am I? What are you doing? Where are we going?" We calmed him and put him back into bed. He was HOT. I put a tepid facecloth on his forehead and whispered sweet things to him as he fell back to sleep. Once he was settled, I tiptoed back into Middleman's room and after about half an hour, fell back to sleep.

1:30 am...repeat. Only, by the grace of God, this time, Hubster caught the puke in the towel and got him to the washroom to finish. There wasn't much left after the first session, so it didn't take long to clean him up I gave him a sip of water and took his temp. 103.6. GASP! Fevers terrify me since his febrile seizure. I worked out the time and figured out that it was OK to give him Advil again and my little man took it willingly (SO not like him). Back to sleep he went and off to Middleman's room I went.

6:00 am...repeat. Just a little puke this time and then dry heaves. He was hot, but his temp was lower now at about 101, so I decided not to treat.

He woke up at 7:30 for the day and until dinner time, ate one piece of toast and a slice of apple...good stuff. I never worry about him not eating and was glad that he gave his tummy a break. For dinner, he had a bagel with tomatoes (eww!) and a little chick soup. That was two hours ago and so far, knock on wood, it has stayed down. He is still fevered, but Hubster gave him a dose of Advil at 4:45 before I got home from work.

I hope that this was just a 24 hour bug and that tonight, we all get a good night's sleep!! Pin It

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