Sunday, 10 April 2011

Losing the blogging bug.

Lately, I have completely lost the will to blog. I have lots to say, it's just that I can't be bothered to type it out.

Part of the problem is judgement from others. I don't like putting stuff out there and having other people judge me on what I say. These people don't even give their opinion on the topic I write about...they simply say I shouldn't be typing it.

My blog has been so therapeutic for me through so many hard times. I plan to continue to blog when the mood strikes, but as you can see, the days between posts are mulitplying. I have made other changes as well. I have "unfriended" quite a few people on Facebook and have set my privacy levels accordingly for many others, mainly due to information about me being given to people that weren't even my friends there. That just kinda blows. If you want info on me, believe me, it's out there on the web...but have the balls to find it yourself...not gossip with others.

I'm rarely on Facebook these days anyway. I pop in once or twice a day to check in and to wish my friends a happy birthday or whatever, but I have gotten rid of all my games (Farmville, Cityville, etc) because they just became so addictive and they are SO unproductive.

So, although I am not here often, I am still here. I'm glad you are still here too. :o) Pin It

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