Sunday, 24 April 2011

Another installment of...

the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good:

Yesterday, I had the honour of baptizing my "little sister". You may recall my post when she asked me to be her Godmother...if not, click the link...I'll wait...

Anyway, yesterday was her big day. It was a LOOOOOONG day, but a wonderful day. We met at her church which is about 45 minutes from my house, at 9:00 am. My lovely Mommy came with me because we all know how much I hate to drive downtown. Anyhoo...Mum and I thought that we were just there for a rehearsal, but to our surprise, for the first hour, we participated in a rosary prayer mass. The priest gave us all a lovely rosary, but a special was the rosary of the seven sorrows of Mary. We prayed seven Hail Marys for every sorrow. The priest, Father Vito, is so compelling, interesting and warm. He just completely held my attention for the entire rosary. Amazing. I walked away moved and emotional.

After the rosary, we had a rehearsal. Melinda was being baptized, confirmed and having her First Communion all in one mass, so there was alot to practice. Of course, *I* screwed up not once, but TWICE, standing on the left instead of the right. Ugh. Typical Dawn. At about 11:30, Mum and I headed for home.

We arrived at 12:20 and Mum left right away to get ready for Melinda's party. I made the boys some lunch, headed into the shower and got ready to go. I really love the outfit I bought. Here's a photo of Melinda, her Godfather, Joe and I:

I headed over to Mum's at about 2:30 and we waited while the Home Depot guy measured for her new blinds and then we left at 3:20 for Melinda's party. We had some AMAZING Portugese food...and LOTS of it, and then at about 6:15, we headed down to the church again for a quick meeting and then Melinda's special mass at 8:00. To say that the mass was moving would be the understatement of the year. We walked in to a very dark church. The only light was that of the fading day from the stained glass windows. The church was in near silence as we all waited for the Easter vigil to begin. By the time mass started, the church was full and very dark. The entire congregation was given a candle, which was lit from the Easter candle. It was magnificent to see the entire church lit simply by candlelight. For an hour and a half, we listened to 9 readings...starting with Genesis and ending with Jesus' death. The priest then read a passage about Jesus' ressurection and one by one, each light in the church was turned on. Powerful? Oh yeah. Unbelievable.

Next, we were up. Melinda was baptized and I nearly cried, but held it back. Of course, I screwed up and went back to my pew too soon, but I don't think anyone noticed. I snuck back subtly when I could. :)

When my part as Godmother was done, Melinda was confirmed and then, she was one of the six people who brought the gifts to the alter. Father Vito prepared the Eucharist and then, Melinda took her First Communion. I cried. She cried. We hugged. I was so overwhelmed with emotion.

To end the emotional mass, everyone walked outside with their candles still lit. What a sight. Then we headed downstairs for cake, but Mum and I were EXHAUSTED, so we hugged and congratulated Melinda and headed off for home. It was 11:30 pm. We got home at around 12:15 and I got the Easter Bunny stuff prepared and then headed straight to bed. A blessed day to say the least.

The bad...This morning started off on the wrong foot and just got worse and worse...Threepeat was pissed off with his Easter Bunny easter egg and a soccer ball, like his brother, Middleman. Boy Oneder got a little Kinder bunny and an Itunes card. Threepeat wanted THAT instead. Ugh. That made me mad.

I drove Mum home (she slept over due to the late night) and when I got back, I played with Threepeat...sidewalk chaulk, bubbles, etc. I did a couple of loads of laundry and then had a shower. MIL made lunch (lasagne and chicken) and Mum came back to join us. We chilled until Mum left at about 3:30 and then Hubster, the kids and I hung out outside...more chaulk, bubbles, bike riding and hopscotch. When we came in for supper, Threepeat started with the whining. Add my exhaustion and PMS to the mix, along with his recouperation from the flu, no choochie and exhaustion anf THAT my friends, is a recipe for disaster. He fell asleep while eating his hamburger at 6:30 and I hoped he would be out for the night. Oh no, my friends, THIS is where the ugly begins. He woke up, not knowing where he was, who he was or what the heck was going on. He went into a full-on tantrum for over 15 minutes. It was a disaster. After about an hour, he calmed down enough to eat the rest of his hamburger. He's now in the hot tub with Hubster and Middleman.

He promised tolet meput cream on his terribly chapped cheeks and then go straight to bed when he gets out of the hot tub...let's see how THAT goes.

Anyway, the good FAR outweighs the bad and the ugly.

Thank you Jesus for dying for me and thank you God for sacrificing your only Son for me. Thank you for my life. Pin It

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